Personalised Video Production: Video Content That Converts!

Video content is not enough to ensure higher conversion rates! Yes, corporate video production strategy is witnessing a massive shift. Video content personalisation is now a necessity to enhance brand engagement and improve conversion rates. Video production for marketing has taken a new leap with enhanced technology for personalising video messages.

Here are a few figures to get an idea of the importance of customised video content in marketing strategy.

  • Personalised Videos (PVs) improve the possibilities of opening the emails by 16 times. They raise the unique CTR by 4.5 times.
  • PVs ensure 35% more retention-time than regular videos. They double the number of customers engaged with the brand.
  • They increase the time spent on the landing page by over 60%.
  • PVs boost the returns by three times as compared to regular emails.

How can a professional video production studio help your brand?

A video production company will help your brand communication by creating personalised videos depending upon your purpose, video type, where it is going to be used.

Using personalised videos in marketing–for what?

You can hire a video production company for:

Personalised Introduction Videos

These videos introduce your brand and sales representative to the prospective customer. They bridge the physical gap and make the prospective customer feel special, leading to greater interest in the brand and products. Use these videos on product description pages, home pages, or landing pages.

Personalised Invitation Videos

Like other personalised videos, these videos also carry the name and details of each viewer. They increase the chances of signing up for an event or product demo.

1:1 Personalised Sales Videos

Nothing boosts the conversion rates like Personalised 1:1 Sales videos. For many customers, they come as a surprise and leave them to feel valued while deepening their interest in the product and brand. Customise them for each individual customer with their name, profession, and a targeted message. Employ at any stage in the sales process.

Personalised Brand Story Videos

These videos use the customer data collected over a period. The data then goes into extracting insights for crafting a story that is knit specifically for each individual customer. The customers get a recap of their association with brand and its importance in their lives.

Personalised Email Marketing Videos

It would not be an overstatement to say that personalised videos have revolutionised email marketing. They can boost the email opening, response, and conversion rates manifolds. Personalised videos are useful in emails for announcing new schemes and offers, making product announcements, sending invites, etc.

Customising for the receivers’ industry, location, interests, and past engagement with the brand will take personalisation to the next level.

Personalised Product Demos

We have witnessed an ecommerce revolution during the pandemic. There’s been a steep rise in the online selling and buying of goods. However, just like any market, the choices for buyers have increased online too.

A personalised product demonstration video will help your product stand out. It will make the prospective buyers feel connected to the brand by saving time and providing useful information catering to their needs. Breaking the routine of reading lengthy product descriptions and reviews by a smart visual presentation customised for the buyer will undoubtedly enhance the conversion rate.

Building Relationships

Brands are only as good as the relationships they can maintain with their customers. Even as brands and customers have to maintain physical separation because of the pandemic, personalised video messages are helpful in strengthening the bonds. Be it customer service, sending greetings and wishes, or thanking them after purchase, personalised videos can work wonders.

Integrate CRM software and personalised videos creation for sending customised videos based on problems faced, customer journey, and queries, etc.

What are the different personalised videos that a video production studio can make for your brand?

There are three basic types of personalised videos based on personalisation type and method:

Web Personalised Videos

These videos are pre-produced and are not customisable for individual users. There’s no content-level personalisation in these videos. Instead, they use personas. They extract their personalisation information from viewing history.

  • They are placed on the webpage and require a video marketing platform beside an advanced Content Management System.
  • These videos have to be tagged according to the user persons.
  • They draw assets for the video content from a library.

Burned-In or Traditional Personalised Videos

Burned-In personalisation videos use advanced video customisation techniques. Personalised elements get woven into the video dynamically. These elements are extractable from the CRM software or spreadsheets. After extraction, they take their place in the video at tags. Each video is thus a unique personalised video. These videos are best for email marketing and sending invites or messages to a list of users.

  • These videos are not customisable after video production.
  • Storing and hosting of the files carrying the information for each contact for whom personalisation has to be done is necessary.
  • They require optimisation capability for delivery across different devices.
  • These videos cannot offer a continuous personalisation experience.
  • They are single campaign videos and can bore after the first view.
  • These videos cannot carry interactive tools that help with conversions.
  • They demand huge storage.

Overlay or Real-time Personalised Videos

These videos are best suited to conversions. They are ideal for corporate video production aimed at sales. They have dynamic and real-time personalisation elements. Each video gets created individually from the template by placing the elements based on data. There’s auto-personalisation, but only a few customisations are available. Their level of personalisation is less than Burned-In videos.

This method employs and assesses user information, meta-data, and web-usage behaviour for personalisation. The placement of elements has its basis in this data. The personalised elements do not apply to the video but to the video player. Thus the personalised elements sustain over the customer journey. These videos are great for sales teams and customer service teams. They often find a place on website landing pages.

  • These videos offer maximum personalisation options.
  • Unlike burned-in videos, the personalisation elements are dynamic, and they depend upon the real-time data. So the personalisation elements keep on evolving.
  • These videos require a supporting video marketing platform.
  • Since the level of personalisation is dynamic and wider, these videos are useable for multiple campaigns.
  • Overlay personalisation offers rich analytics data like viewers, identity tracking, video completion rate, and conversion rates for tuning the personalised video production and management strategy to maximise revenue.
  • Unlike the burned-in videos, the cost or storage requirements do not increase with an increasing number of contacts.

How do Personalised Videos help in Conversions?

There are various benefits of personalised videos that directly or indirectly help brands increase their conversion rates. The core benefit of personalised videos is their ability to build, sustain, and enhance relationships.

Personalised videos cultivate leads, enhance conversion, and ensure retention!

  • They help in communicating actively and directly with the customers.
  • They make the call-to-action more impactful.
  • Personalised videos with call-to-action boost the CTR by over 200%. They offer better ROI than regular call-to-action content or general videos.
  • They break the users’ monotonous experience and attract their attention and interest. Thus the product and the brand make an easy inroads into the hearts of the users.
  • They make the prospective, and existing customers feel special and valued for the brand.
  • They make the brand engagement experience enjoyable and interactive for the users.
  • Personalised videos encourage conversations that help in knowing the customers and their expectations better. This contributes indirectly to higher conversions.

Personalised Video Production in 2021

It’s been two years since personalised videos changed the video marketing landscape. Owing to their impact, digital marketers, video producers, developers, and branding experts have pushed the frontiers to make the most of personalised videos.

The top trends that are defining the present and the near future of personalised video production are:

Personalised Animated Videos

Animated videos impart an extra touch of genuineness to the personalised videos. Since the video elements are customisable, the risk of the inserted component looking odd from the base video always remains.

Animated video production shows the way out. Animated personalised videos not only accept the elements naturally, they also add to the excitement, fun, and relaxation aspect associated with video content consumption. In stressful corporate settings, animations become even more impactful as they are easy to the eye, direct, natural, and uncluttered. Animated videos are also easy to store and host, less expensive, and easily customisable.

Data Gathering

The foundation of personalisation of video content is data. The depth, expanse, and variety of data determine the orientation, accuracy, and therefore impact of personalisation. Besides user information, location, user history, the device used, keywords entered, time of visit, customer history, loyalty status, frequency of visits, session behaviour, and referring links are the key factors that go into chalking a personalisation strategy.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) helps in catching patterns of user/customer behaviour and journey. The use of ML in video personalisation is the next leap after data insights, as it is gradually making personalisation more productive and efficient for both marketers and consumers.

It can take personalisation to the next level. It can take into account the current circumstances, customer needs, past preferences, and buying history to provide videos that are more useful, time-saving, and carrying exact information. All of this would go into strengthening the bond between the customers and the brand.

There are browser extensions and free tools that can get you started with personalised video production for marketing needs. There’s no harm in trying. You’ll get a hint of how it works.

However, if you have definite business aims to accomplish and conversion targets to hit this quarter, you may better choose a professional video production company. It will help you with [mapping] the scenario and choosing the right video type. You will also get expert help with script, story, and audio to create personalised videos that will ensure greater conversions.

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