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Trustly is one of the casino payment methods offered today. It is very convenient and allows you to transfer money directly from your bank account to your gaming account and from your casino account to your bank account. The advantages of Trustly are that the service is so easy to use and also so fast. Trustly Group AB cooperates with all Swedish banks. It is already possible to pay with Trustly at hundreds of casinos using Trustly and also at lots of online shops. Transfers are instant. 

Deposits with Trustly are fast, easy, and secure

Trustly is a very popular payment service that handles secure transfers in a professional way. It has become particularly popular thanks to its ease of use and security. Trustly is a Swedish payment method that is now available in over 20 European countries. However, it is most popular in the Nordic countries. The company operates under the Swedish Financial Institute and in cooperation with all Swedish banks.

How does Trustly work? Well, when you use Trustly you don’t need to register, get an ID or download a separate app. Nor is there a specific e-wallet where the money should be deposited. Trustly is simply an intermediary between your own bank and the service you use, in this case, a casino with Trustly. Another advantage is that there are never any costs or hidden fees for transferring money with Trustly, so for the customer, it is always free to use Trustly. The best part is that it is safe, easy, and reliable. Transfers only take a few minutes. It is trusted by the Swedish financial institution. It doesn’t require much effort to use it. If you want to switch to Trustly casinos, you will find the ones with the highest quality here with us and also the ones that offer the biggest bonuses.

How to use Trustly for fast deposits and withdrawals

Trustly casino is a user-friendly and easy-to-use service. Nevertheless, we’ve put together a short guide to make using Trustly easy, even for a beginner.

How to make a quick deposit to the casino using Trustly :

  • Go to a casino that accepts Trustly as a payment method.
  • Choose Trustly as your payment method.
  • You will then be taken to Trustly’s own menu, where you first choose the amount you want to deposit.
  • Choose from where you want to make the deposit. All Swedish banks are among the options.
  • Log in to your bank, as usual, using your bankID.
  • Start playing. Your money is transferred directly to your online casino Trustly.

A deposit made with Trustly will appear immediately in your casino account, so you can enjoy the games straight away. Trustly online casino also works with Paypal, so you can also use Trustly to pay through Paypal.

How to make a quick withdrawal from the casino

Withdrawals work more or less like a regular bank transfer, only much faster. At the major banks such as Danske Bank, Swedbank, and Nordea, withdrawals are instant and the money is transferred to your account in less than a minute. However, if you’re not playing at a casino with Trustly withdrawals, but a regular casino, you’ll usually need to confirm your identity before making a withdrawal. Transfers of small amounts of money can be successful even before confirming your identity, but for larger transfers casinos need to be sure of your identity due to laws on money transfers.

Verifying your identity is easy and casinos often write very clearly what is required for this:

  • Photo or copy of ID card
  • Proof of address – for example, a utility bill sent to your address
  • Proof of the payment method you are using – for example, a photo of your payment card

This is an obligation that all casinos have in the rules of the license and the law. At fast casinos that use Trustly, the player’s identity can be confirmed directly by bank ID, allowing withdrawals to be made immediately. However, even at these casinos, the player’s identity sometimes has to be verified in the traditional way when withdrawals have been made for a sufficient number of thousands of dollars.

Deposit limits and transfer fees

By default, you cannot transfer funds indefinitely through Trustly for your own safety. However, these limits are not set by Trustly itself, but always by your bank or casino that sets the money withdrawal limit with Trustly. Although Trustly itself accepts larger transfers, the bank will start asking questions if you try to withdraw several million at a time. Limits at casinos are generally lower.

A single withdrawal with Trustly might be limited to 10,000SEK. Of course, this is not a matter of exclusion by any means, it’s just a matter of security and abuse prevention. Most casinos set a minimum deposit limit of 100SEK. However, Swedish casinos with Trustly that support no-account gaming may offer lower minimum limits, where you can sometimes play from as little as SEK 50 and up.

Is Trustly trustworthy?

Trustly is a payment institution authorized and supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. The company is also licensed to be a payment service provider in the EU. Trustly operates under strict licensing rules and, for example, the company does not have the right to retain any information that could lead to the customer’s casino accounts becoming available. High-quality and comprehensive monitoring ensures a safe and reliable process, so you can use Trustly safely for both deposits and withdrawals. The security of the method is also enhanced by its simplicity and ease of use.

Making deposits is more or less the same as making a regular bank transfer and all information goes through the most modern encryption without exception. For example, many players shy away from providing credit card details to the casino and you don’t have to worry about that with Trustly. There are also daily restrictions on transfers, which depend a little bit on the casino and bank, but which also feels secure.

What kind of company is Trustly Group?

Trustly Group AB is an electronic payment service company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Initially known as Glue Pay, Trustly Group was created in Sweden in 2008, and today their services are available in 30 different countries around the world. Trustly brings over millions of money every month. The service was created to facilitate online shopping and payments, especially in conjunction with bank ID. Without Trustly, it usually takes several days to transfer money to the other side of Europe with a regular bank transfer. Casino players in particular have been frustrated by slow and cumbersome transfers.

Card payments work relatively well, but not everyone can use a card. In addition, withdrawals can take several days with Visa. E-wallets also feel cumbersome to many and require an extra step in the transfer process. BankID, on the other hand, is accessible to everyone and Trustly has made BankID transfers easier and faster than ever. Trustly is based on the latest encryption technology and focuses on being simple and user-friendly. Just log on to the casino and see for yourself how easy it can be to make bank transfers with Trustly. You can also trust the experts. Trustly has received several different awards in the annual iGaming Excellence Awards and the payment method has been voted the best payment method in online casinos several times.

To learn more about Trustly, watch the video below:

Trustly Pay n Play allows you to play freely and in the fastest way

In recent years, Trustly has become even more popular thanks to its unique Pay n Play service. Trustly Pay n Play enables instant play at casinos with no registration required. At these so-called no-account casinos, you just need to make a simple deposit with Trustly, and you can play right away. Your identity is confirmed directly with your bank ID and you can play right away.

When you win, you can withdraw your money without any confirmation or delay. The money is transferred to your account immediately. Two examples of good Swedish casinos with Trustly that offer these fast withdrawals are Mr Green Casino and NoAccount Casino. The service works with bank ID from all Swedish banks, so more or less every Swede can enjoy casino games directly without any unnecessary effort. This can truly be called pure genius, as it has never been so easy to play at the casino. You can play in just a few clicks and the game selection at these new casinos with Trustly is always great. Remember, too, that you can withdraw your money in perhaps as little as under a minute.

Here, on our dedicated page, you can learn more about which casinos offer the fastest withdrawals of winnings.

Why use Trustly?

The speed of the transfer: when you use Trustly, the money is transferred in both directions instantly. Withdrawals also arrive in your account within minutes.

Play without registration: at no-registration casinos that use Trustly, you can play instantly without having to register. A simple deposit with Trustly is enough.

No personal data sharing: at no-registration casinos, you don’t have to share your personal data unnecessarily over an unstable internet connection, nor is an email address required. By using Trustly, you also avoid sharing credit card details.

It works with your bank: since Trustly Casino works with all Swedish banks, there is no need for casinos to do regular bank transfers at all. Therefore, many casinos only accept bank transfers with Trustly.

No extra costs: transfers with cards and e-wallets may incur additional fees at casinos. However, it is always free to make deposits and withdrawals with Trustly – without exception.

Trustly’s Swedish customer service

Trustly is a reliable and stable payment method, which we have never experienced any problems with. If problems should arise, Trustly Group AB offers customer support. Trustly’s site contains answers to the most common questions, so problematic situations are solved quickly. If you can’t find an answer, you can also contact the friendly customer service, which now helps customers every day of the week. It is also important to remember that if you have a problem with a deposit or withdrawal at a casino, you should always contact the casino’s customer service first. Errors in these cases are primarily the responsibility of the casino and you will often find the cause of the problem with the casino in question.

Do you get a special bonus if you visit a Trustly casino?

Another great advantage of using Trustly at Swedish casinos is that you still qualify to activate a casino bonus. Using certain methods automatically disqualifies you from activating bonuses or free spins when you deposit, but by using Trustly you can be sure that you can always take advantage of any promotions or offers that you may find on slots or other casino games. Remember to always read the terms and conditions for wagering requirements at your Trustly casino.

Summary: Trustly is a fast and reliable payment method

Trustly is a secure and licensed payment method that allows you to process online purchases and casino transfers very quickly with your own bank ID. Trustly has become very popular, especially among casino players, because the service is exceptionally simple and exceptionally fast. You need nothing more than a bank ID to process both deposits and withdrawals in just a few minutes at Trustly casinos.

More or less every high-quality casino supports Trustly play and the most modern Pay n Play casinos allow you to play with Trustly completely without registering. One particularly big advantage of Trustly is how fast withdrawals are. You won’t be able to enjoy a similar user experience with any other payment method.

While card transfers and regular bank transfers take several days, Trustly withdrawals take less than a minute. Unlike many other payment options, Trustly is also always completely free for users and there are never any hidden fees. For all these reasons, Trustly is the best way to make both deposits and withdrawals, so check out our list of the best casinos that support Trustly and get a super-fast Trustly experience today.

Frequently asked questions

⚙ How does Trustly work?

Trustly is a third-party payment system that works between the casino and the bank as a so-called interchange service. This means that players can use their login details from their own online bank to secure a deposit, making deposits simple, fast, and secure. Trustly received a German TÜV certificate in 2018, which guarantees that the service protects the data of private users and complies with data protection laws. Trustly can be used at hundreds of popular online businesses, in addition to online casinos, as a payment method with a good reputation among users.

???? Is Trustly safe?

Yes, Trustly is a licensed payment institution that is approved and supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority. They also hold a European Payment Services Provider (PSP) license in accordance with the Payment Service Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC). The company works with Sweden’s largest banks, which in itself means it is safe and secure. Confirmation of transfers is done by identification via bank ID, which is the most secure method available today. This means that you can feel safe and secure at a Trustly casino.

???? Can you withdraw casino winnings with Trustly?

Yes, of course, you can. Apart from the fact that it is fast to deposit money with Trustly, the fastest withdrawals are the biggest advantage at Trustly Casino. When you want to withdraw your winnings, you simply request a withdrawal at the casino and choose Trustly as your payment option. You quickly and easily fill in your details, and the money should be in your bank account within five minutes at most banks.

⚡ What are the benefits of using Trustly at an online casino?

Trustly’s biggest advantage is its speed and security. Many Swedish internet users know how to use online BankID to make their payments. Trustly works with all Swedish banks, which makes it a convenient payment method for all Swedes. Trustly has also added a Pay n Play service to its services, which has become popular at online casinos. It allows players to log in to the casino directly with their bank account without creating a gaming account.

⏱ How long do deposits and withdrawals take at an online casino?

Depositing with Trustly is very fast, as the money is transferred directly to the casino cashier during the deposit process. Withdrawals with Trustly are also faster than ever, with the fastest approved bank transfer being in your account in just a few minutes. So Trustly works very quickly, but depending on the casino and the bank used, the transfer can take up to a couple of days. Keep in mind that the casino may ask for confirmation of your personal details if you are making a large withdrawal for the first time. This is common practice at all online casinos.

❓ What is required to use Trustly?

To use Trustly, all you need is a bank account and a bank ID. The service is provided through your bank and you can also use this identity method in many other places on the internet. By entering your bank ID at a Trustly Casino, you also avoid all other registration, so it’s much faster. Apart from this, nothing else is needed to use Trustly. Quick and easy is what we said, right?

???? What are the best Trustly online casinos?

To find the best Trustly casino, you first need to make sure that the casino accepts Trustly as a payment method. However, most Swedish casinos do this nowadays, as it is the most popular method among Swedish players. Then it’s up to you to decide what’s important to you in terms of game selection, offers, customer service, mobile casino, and more. The most important thing is that the casino has a Swedish license and all Trustly casinos have that.

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