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5 Major Advantages Of Using Concrete Floor Paint For Your New London Office


5 Major Advantages Of Using Concrete Floor Paint For Your New London Office

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When it comes to office flooring, most of us are still stuck with pretty much the same options for decades. We can either go for carpeting or wooden flooring or even using marble and tiles. A lot of young business owners state that there aren’t different options available to them when it comes to office flooring

If you compare the same with options for the walls, you have an incredibly wide array to choose from. Given that our business set-ups, structures, and processes are changing, it is natural to expect that the infrastructure housing it changes as well. 

A new, innovative and creative option that energetic start-ups are opting for is concrete floor paint for office. Yes, you read that right. These businesses are using imagination, creativity, and colors to paint their office floors (concrete). 

In this article, we are going to help businesses step away from the norm and do something that will define their individuality. If you are someone that is looking at flooring options for your new office, you should read the article till the end. 

Concrete Floor Paint: What you need to know

Imagine the kind of toughness office floors requires. People walk on them, spill things, use heels, move trolleys, and so on. The thing that we want to put out is that office floors go through a lot of abuse. 

Concrete floor paint is a chemical-based acrylic composition that is extensively used in painting office, factory, and garage floors. It imparts a very clean, sophisticated, and aesthetic appearance to the floors. It also guards against cracks, chips, scuffing, and other concrete floor liabilities. 

In recent years, it has become the go-to choice for commercial buildings and establishments owing to its low-cost nature and durability. Most concrete floor paints are then coated to ensure that they can withstand the worst types of abuse. 

While a lot of people may mistake this for epoxy coating of the floor, the fact of the matter is that they are different in nature. Here, you can get several customization options as well. 

Advantages of Using Concrete Floor Paint for your London Office

In this section, we are going to look at some of the major benefits of using concrete floor paint. 

  • Budget-Friendly Option- 

If you are a new business, you cannot afford to spend thousands of pounds on carpeting. You cannot also afford to have an office that is poor in terms of its flooring. This is why concrete floor painting can be a great low-cost and budget-friendly option for new businesses, especially start-ups. It can help them create a working environment at a very minimum cost. 

  • Can be Easily Changed- 

If you do not like the carpet you ordered for 2000 Pounds for your office, you cannot change that right away. However, you can always keep changing the paint of the concrete floor. This means that you will never be stuck to just one option at any point in time. If you do not like it, you can change it at a marginal cost. 

  • Creative, Innovative, and Fun- 

There is no doubt that for a new and youthful business, appearances are everything. Imagine the vibrant energy of a Creative Agency and match it to a dull brown carpet option. Where a business is located and how it looks says a lot about how it is. Coloured floors, creative designs, and attractive epoxy are what a youthful business or start-up should look like. 

  • Prevents Allergies, Dust Infections, and Diseases- 

Carpets are notorious for trapping pathogens, which can create havoc in your employees’ respiratory systems. Every time someone starts sneezing or coughing uncontrollably on the office floor, you know it is because of the carpets. With painting your concrete floors, you can rest assured that no one in your office will fall sick after inhaling dust or pathogens. 

  • Prevents Slip and Fall Accidents in the Office- 

You might be thinking that painting concrete floors would make them unbelievably slippery. However, that is not the case. Most of the best floor paints come with an anti-slip function. This prevents accidents that happen on marble floors or carpets where heels can get easily stuck. Painting the office floor improves mobility and prevents slip-and-fall accidents. 

The Bottom Line

Concrete floor paint is a new, innovative, creative, and affordable option for young start-ups. It can help them express themselves differently. This is a major reason why most offices that house start-ups in London are seeing the use of concrete floor paints. 

In this article, we have tried to outline some of the major advantages of using concrete floor paint for your office. If you have any more questions or require clarifications on any of the points in the article, let us know in the comments section below. 

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