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9 Must-Know Blogger Outreach Best Practices


9 Must-Know Blogger Outreach Best Practices

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Blogger outreach is an integral component of most content marketing and link-building strategies. The success of your marketing activities is frequently dependent on the quality of your outreach technique.

If you’re ready to put in the effort,  seo blogger outreach can help you gain valuable links, raise brand awareness, and establish long-term partnerships.

In this all-encompassing blog, we’re going to turn the spotlight toward the blogger outreach best practices to help you start seeing results from your efforts.

Do the Groundwork

Understanding your target demographic is essential for any marketing effort. You should have a thorough understanding of the product or service you’re attempting to promote, as well as the target demographic.

This is why, before sending any email, we request that clients provide basic information about their project, objectives, and target audience and also discuss their previous and current marketing activities.

Define Rules for Outreach

When numerous people are working on the same blog outreach effort, they must be on the same page. Alternatively, the quality of work will fluctuate, jeopardizing the overall success of the project.

Assume you’re undertaking SEO blogger outreach to promote and increase links to specific pages on your site. Here are some things you ought to define before sending out emails:

  • What type of sites are you seeking (niche, sections)? 
  • What kind of metrics should a site meet to qualify (domain authority/domain rating, organic traffic, social media followers, ranking for specific keywords)?
  • What pages do you want to rank, and what anchors will you utilize? 
  • How many posts/links will each team member write monthly? 
  • Do you embrace paid posts? Are you keen on link/post/quote exchanges?
  • How do you track interesting opportunities?
  • How do you track the content development process?
  • Who is in charge of monitoring the project and has the final say on potential issues?

Sort these issues out at the start of the campaign to avoid wasting time responding to the same queries repeatedly or focusing on influencers and websites that don’t support your campaign’s goals.

Make your workflow more Standardized

Since you started Point Visible, there have been numerous significant changes to your workflow. It is necessary to switch up a number of communication platforms, revamp project scheduling, test various blogger outreach strategies, and change several different ways of documenting and organizing work.

One thing you always try to do is develop a standard routine for minor tasks that are common to most blogger outreach efforts you do.

Battle Burnout with Work Alignment

If you’re new to blogger outreach, you’ll immediately realize that the procedure isn’t especially complicated. However, it includes certain tiresome and time-consuming tasks, such as:

  • Website/influencer prospecting
  • Writing pitches and looking for follow-ups
  • Identifying the appropriate contacts and their contact information
  • Personalizing and delivering pitches and follow-ups
  • Managing emails (responding to replies and negotiating specifics).

Repetitive tasks will tire you out. Personalizing emails for three hours straight or prospecting for websites all day isn’t a good idea. You’re bound to lose focus and start making unforced errors, such as using the incorrect person/brand name in your email response.

Even if you have to send out proposals for 4 hours that day, take breaks and work on other projects like editing your pitch for a guest post, reviewing content, creating a unique graphic, finding the ideal featured image, or anything else you can think of. It is the only way to stay calm throughout rigorous blogger outreach efforts.

Test Various Value Proposals

While blogger outreach is a highly effective link-building strategy, there is one problem: everyone is doing it.

Why should your content be (re)published, promoted, or linked to? It is not always easy to determine what is the right answer. Sometimes, you’ll need to think beyond the box.

  • Perhaps you should include a quote from a renowned person in the pitch.
  • Perhaps you should try out a different subject line.
  • Perhaps you’d like to focus on and promote controversial topic ideas.
  • Perhaps you should spend more time researching the person you are contacting so that you can hyper-personalize your pitch.
  • Perhaps you can provide something unique in return.

There are lots of possibilities. Get a ladder, leave the box, and look around. Offering something you are unable to provide is the one thing you should never do. You’re just wasting time, your own and everyone else’s, if you do that.

Leverage Tools to Simplify Your Outreach Process

Blogger outreach, when done correctly, demands a significant time investment. Fortunately, there are numerous tools available to assist you speed up key aspects of your blog outreach strategy.

  • Outreach Tools – Pitch Box, Buzz Stream, Ninja Outreach, Mailshake, etc. 
  • SEO Tools – Ahrefs, Alexa, Moz, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, etc.
  • Email Finders – Clearbit, Snovio, Hunter, Voila Norbert, etc. 

Regularly Analyze and Tweak Your Blogger Outreach Campaigns

Regularly evaluate and alter blogger outreach strategies based on email response rates, popular ideas, and optimal response times. Flexibility is essential; if data shows a poor response rate, change techniques instead of going on. 

You can personalize outreach, improve CTAs, and reassess value propositions. Be willing to adapt and increase outreach volume or solve underlying issues to achieve better results. So, it’s best to make decisions based on appropriate sample sizes; 100+ emails provide more reliable insights than just 10.

Be Open to Diverse Partnerships

Blogger outreach campaigns are frequently designed to achieve a specific goal, such as promoting a research piece, republishing an infographic, contributing a guest post, and so on. While this isn’t a bad thing, approaching every outreach campaign with a restricted attitude is a squandered opportunity.

You might work together on a number of projects if you reach out to reputable websites that draw in your target market. And as of late, an increasing number of websites are responding with their own—let’s call them counter-offers.

Get personal, but Never Take Anything Personally

This point contains two sections. First, most bloggers and influencers enjoy it when you’re already familiar with their site and leave the impression that you aren’t contacting them to get anything.

Take the time to browse and compose a personalized email. At the very least, you should avoid pitches that scream “automated email template” as soon as they are opened.

The other part of this point is – never to take criticism and rejection more personally. In a blogger outreach project, you are bound to get a negative response and feedback.