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Boy Notices Weird Smell on Bus


Boy Notices Weird Smell on Bus

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In the hustle and bustle of a typical school day at Bonita Elementary, Troy’s journey home took an unexpected turn. The laughter and chatter of kids filled the bus, but something seemed off. Troy’s watchful eyes noticed a substitute driver, an older woman with an unusual demeanour and a peculiar smell. Little did he know that this ordinary bus ride would transform into a tale of courage and quick thinking as the boy notices weird smell on bus.

Different from the Norm:


As the kids lined up along the sidewalk, eager to head home, Troy observed the unfamiliar face in the driver’s seat. The substitute, unlike the regular driver, appeared distant and unfriendly. Troy’s senses heightened when he detected a strange smell as he walked by.

Strange Lady:

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Seated near the back, Troy couldn’t take his eyes off the peculiar substitute. With thin, withered hair and bony knuckles gripping the steering wheel, she exuded an aura of unfamiliarity. Something about her behaviour made Troy uneasy, prompting him to stay vigilant.

Missed Stop:

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The routine bus ride took an alarming turn when the bus failed to stop at the designated locations. Confusion rippled through the kids as the substitute drove past stops without slowing down. Troy’s concern deepened, realizing that something was amiss.

Dangerous Driving:

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As the bus swerved recklessly, Troy and his peers noticed the erratic and dangerous maneuvers. The substitute’s emotionless stare heightened the fear among the children. A knot formed in Troy’s stomach, and he knew he had to act, despite warnings from friends to stay put.

Sudden Stop:

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Amid horns blaring behind them, the bus abruptly halted, causing chaos as children were flung forward. Troy, feeling the impact, heard cries from surrounding seats. The unsettling ride resumed, with the bus accelerating as if on a mission, intensifying the urgency of the boy notices weird smell on school bus.


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The surroundings blurred as the bus sped down the highway, instilling fear in every child on board. Troy, refusing to succumb to peer pressure, remembered his mother’s advice. He grabbed his backpack, determined to intervene and prevent potential disaster.

911 Call:

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Ignoring warnings from friends, Troy dialled 911, narrating the unfolding crisis. Panic turned to relief as the sound of approaching sirens reached Troy’s ears. Help was on the way, and the children clung to the hope of a safe resolution.

Final Stop:

Final Stop

Multiple police cruisers intercepted the bus, but the substitute driver remained oblivious. Only when surrounded and confronted by officers did the bus come to a stop – at another child’s drop-off point. The children watched as the authorities took charge.

Driver Arrested:

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With swift action, the first cop entered the bus, handcuffing the bewildered substitute. The children listened to the click of handcuffs and the stern words of the arresting officers. The mysterious smell dissipated as the substitute was led away.

Illegal Substances:

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The shocking truth emerged – the substitute, Karolyn Denise Ray, had been under the influence of illicit drugs. Parents, enraged by the revelation, demanded justice. Ray faced charges of driving under the influence of a controlled substance and endangering the welfare of children.

New Company:

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The school district, in response to this alarming incident, explored alternatives for a new bus service. While details of legal consequences remained undisclosed due to the ongoing investigation, one thing became evident – a change was imperative.

Proud Parents:

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Troy’s seemingly simple actions proved heroic. He identified a problem, defied discouragement from others, and provided crucial details under pressure. His bravery not only averted potential disaster but also earned him the pride and admiration of his family and fellow parents.

In this extraordinary bus ride, Troy’s courage stood as a beacon, emphasizing the importance of staying vigilant and taking action in the face of danger. The ordinary journey home became an extraordinary testament to the impact one person’s bravery can have on the safety of many.