Budget Friendly Home Improvement Ideas


Budget Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

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DIY Home Improvement

The best budget friendly home improvement ideas are the ones you can do yourself. If you don’t have to get a professional in to do the job, you will obviously save money. However, make sure you have the appropriate tools, or you’ll lose more in time than you’ll save in money. Renting or borrowing key equipment that you know you will only use once is a great idea.

Update Your Radiators

Radiators are no longer just boring, practical appliances. They are now home design statements that can enhance your interior design. With a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes – like those made by designer radiator specialist, Stelrad, there is a choice for every personal taste.

If you are using the existing pipework, replacing a tired old radiator with a stylish new one is easier than you think. There are plenty of videos online to help you out and all reputable radiator manufacturers will provide guidance.  A spanner set, the new radiator, and the right valves are all that is required for this project.

Change Your Coving

This often-overlooked element of your home is actually key to completing a room. In period properties, coving which is in keeping with the period is important in maintaining the value of the house. Many new build properties or extensions are left without coving. Adding a modern, simple run of coving will complete any interior design scheme.

The only key skill required for adding coving is the ability to cut mitre corners. There are mitre boxes and other gadgets that make this easy. The rest of the installation is down to careful measuring and using the appropriate adhesive. Aside from a mitre box (or other alternative), adhesive and the coving itself, there are no other specialist purchases to be made.

Makeover Your Kitchen Cabinets

You do not need to refit a whole kitchen to transform this hub of the home. If the carcasses of your kitchen cabinets and drawers are in good condition, you can just focus on updating the doors and drawer fronts. For a super simple DIY solution, just change the handles and knobs to the latest trendsetting design. Make sure to check measurements so any new fittings cover existing marks or screw holes.

For a more overall makeover, take down the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, sand them, and repaint with your favourite colour or the hottest hues for this season. If that sounds too labour intensive, order new door fronts online and simply refit with the help of an electric screwdriver. Easy! With a choice of update approaches, this project can suit any budget.

Refresh Your Bathroom Fittings

While a whole new bathroom refit may break the budget, updating old bathroom fittings is a DIY and budget-friendly alternative. Whether your existing fittings have had their day, or you want to opt for the latest trend in tap finishing, then a new set of taps, towel rails, shower heads and – yes – even the toilet roll holder can make all the difference.

Include a deep clean, regrouting the tiles and recalking any seals and this project make you think you have a whole new bathroom to enjoy. If you choose taps and fittings that are the same size as your old ones, you should not have too much making good to carry out. With a wide range taps and accessories available at varying price points, you can make this project fit your budget.

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