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Tips that Make You an EXPERT eSports Bettor


Tips that Make You an EXPERT eSports Bettor

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eSports has taken the world by storm and the online betting industry. Professional gamers have raked hundreds of thousands in cash prizes whenever they win tournaments. Watching two teams go all-out is also a thrilling form of entertainment.

In the past, many parents have undermined their gamer kids. But throughout the years, the world of eSports has grown exponentially and has also involved a lot of money. Thus, popular video games like Counter Strike, League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, Dota 2, and more reached unbelievable heights due to how interested the fans were. 

The games played can be easier to understand if you are in your 30s or below. It would be easier if you played the games. However, only some people are into gaming. At times, people would rather just bet on the games that interest them, hoping that everything will go according to what they hoped for.

But eSports betting can be simplified if you just have the tips and tricks you need. Fret not, for we have the solution to your problem. Read along and learn how to bet on eSports!

How it Works

eSports betting works like any other sports betting: you place your bets on an eSports game. To begin, one must have an account on an online betting site that includes eSports betting.

After making an account, you will now have the chance to pick the eSports you want to stake your money on.

eSports Gambling and its Types

eSports betting comes in many forms. You, a newbie eSports pundit, must familiarize yourself with the various betting options to develop a strategy to help you mitigate huge losses.

Real Money Betting

Similar to traditional sports betting, eSports also has a choice where players can use their hard-earned money to bet on. To start betting, deposit your money on any sports betting site with eSports and choose the games you want to wager on.

Skin and Item Betting

Because eSports is basically in the virtual space, using your collected in-game skins and items can be used to gamble. Oftentimes, virtual currency is also used to wager. Young players prefer this type of eSports gambling due to the rarity and usability of the items at stake.

Fantasy Betting

This is not your typical betting variant. Fantasy betting is not based on the match result but on forming a “dream team” to compete with other “dream teams” assembled by other players. The stakes also come in the form of skins or items. Sometimes, real money can also be wagered.

Challenge Betting

In eSports, challenge gambling can occur between friends or private bettors. This happens via online venues and forums.

Tips that will make you an Expert eSports Bettor

Now that you learned about the betting types of eSports and how it works, it is time for you to learn the tricks.

Leagues are where knowledge is

Leagues are the organizers of eSports tournaments and competitions. By focusing on the leagues, you will know enough about the teams competing, the players’ capabilities, and more.

Follow Esports Betting Tipsters

Not just follow any betting tipster. Pick the best. The best of the best will give data and predictions as well as the odds of the games. So do your research and look for a reliable eSports betting tipster that would help you make your predictions better and more accurate.

Grabe every eSports Betting Bonus

Betting sites sometimes offer eSports bonuses to their members. It can be free bets, rebates, or even real money perks. Be on the lookout for these bonuses to make your eSports betting experience less stressful.

Know How Odds and Payouts 

Predictions and guesses will be more straightforward if you understand how odds and payouts work. Research how to evaluate odds to make your betting decisions more accurate.

Track your Predictions

Like a responsible gambler, benchmarking your eSports prediction is wise. This is how you analyze the games, how the teams performed, and what are the players’ skills. Through your records, you can make your analysis to develop a better strategy the next time you bet on eSports.

Be Part of Gaming Communities

Another best place to learn about eSports is through gaming communities. Gaming communities are helpful to their fellow gamer, even if they are a newbie. Also, some members have plenty of helpful insights to share. Use those tips to help you make a healthy prediction, strategy, or even where to bet.

Picking the Best Betting Site

Now that you have learned the tips, it is time for you to know the factors of the best betting site for esports, like:


It is imperative that the betting site is accredited to operate such business. Legal betting platforms ensure that there is fairness in each of their services. It also serves as a firewall against cybercrimes, fraud, and such.

Games Offered

A good eSports betting site should have at least twenty games offered. More games are equivalent to more options for pundits.

Bet Options

Betting options give bettors much chance of winning. A good betting site will allow its players to win, especially if their prediction is on point.

Payment Methods

eSports is a new form of sport. What better way of showing that betting sites have adaptability than by featuring countless payment methods?


Now that you have reached the article’s end, we hope you have learned a thing or two about how to bet on eSports. It is time to test this newfound knowledge by betting on your favorite, trusted platform.