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Cherry Creek School District: Creating Excellence in Education and Careers


Cherry Creek School District: Creating Excellence in Education and Careers

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Cherry Creek School District

The Cherry Creek School District jobs is a shining example of high-quality education in the K–12 sector. Our district offers a variety of interesting work opportunities for motivated people to contribute to the field of education. To provide a platform for students to develop their potential. Do you care deeply about forming the minds of children and leaving a lasting impression? Learn more about the variety of job openings on the mycherrycreek website. Dedication to our children, their families, and the community at large is the cornerstone of our district. You embrace this dedication to excellence and help build a tradition of academic distinction when you join the Cherry Creek School District.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Enrolling for the 2023–24 School Year

It’s thrilling to start getting ready for the upcoming school year. For the 2023–24 academic year, take a few steps to ensure an easy enrolment process:

1. Check Eligibility and Residence Specifications:

Check to see if you are eligible to enrol in the Cherry Creek School District school of your choice. Make sure you also satisfy any applicable residency requirements.

2. Get the Required Documents:

Gather important papers such as your child’s birth certificate, vaccination records, past school records (if relevant), and any other papers the district may require as proof of domicile (utility bills, lease agreements, etc.).

3. Choose Your School:

Based on your residence address, decide which school your child will attend. To find the ideal school in the area check the school locator feature on the Cherry Creek School District website.

4. Fill out the enrollment form:

Go to the enrollment area of the Cherry Creek School District’s official website. Complete the online enrolment form completely, including any pertinent information about the child and your family.

5. Send in the necessary documents:

Include the necessary documents in the online enrolment application by uploading them. For proper verification, ensure that all documents are clear and legible.

6. Review and Confirm:

Before sending the enrollment application, make sure all the information is correct. Verify that all information is current and accurate.

7. Wait for Verification:

You will get a receipt after submitting the application and supporting papers. The administrative staff of the school district will examine your application and supporting materials.

8. Attend all the meetings:

Make sure to show up on time for any orientation sessions, meetings, or interviews that are necessary as part of the enrolling process.

9. Accept enrollment confirmation:

You’ll receive an acceptance notification after your application has been reviewed and approved. This could include details about the start date, needed school materials, and any other actions.

** Every Student must undergo re-enrolment annually from May 11, 2023. **

Process for Cherry Creek School District’s Online Enrollment and Documentation 

A simple online approach makes it possible for you to sign up your child for the upcoming school year in the Cherry Creek School District. Here is a step-by-step instruction sheet and a list of the necessary paperwork to make sure your enrolment is successful:

Open the online enrollment portal:

Go to the official website of the Cherry Creek School District and look for the online enrollment portal. The “Enrolment” or “Admissions” section is usually where you can find this.

Register or Log In:

You must first make an account if you’re a new user by entering your email address and selecting a password. You can sign in using your old student ID if you’ve enrolled a child in the district before.

Start the Enrollment Application:

You can start the enrolling process by choosing the following academic year (2023–24) and entering your child’s basic data, including their name, date of birth, and grade level.

Give the Necessary Information:

Complete the application by including information about your child’s medical background, prior academic experience (if necessary), and any special requirements or accommodations needed.

Submit the Necessary Documentation:

As part of the enrolment application, upload the following files:

  • Residency Proof: Electricity bills, lease agreements, or other legal records proving your residency inside the boundaries of the school district may be included in this list.
  • Birth Certificate: An official birth certificate copy for your child to prove their age.
  • Vaccination Records: To maintain compliance with health standards, documentation of your child’s most recent vaccinations is required.
  • Previous academic records: Provide transcripts, report cards, and any other pertinent academic records if your kid is transferring from another school.
  • Documents for Guardianship (If Applicable):  Provide any legal papers granting you custody or guardianship rights if you are not the child’s lawful parent or guardian.
  • Documents for Special Education (If Applicable):  Include any Individualised Education Programmes (IEPs) or 504 plans if your child has special needs or receives special education services.

Review and Submit:

Go over every piece of data you’ve entered and file you’ve submitted in great detail. Submit the enrollment application once you’re assured that everything is correct.

Wait for confirmation:

You’ll get a confirmation email after applying letting you know it was received. The administrative staff of the school district will examine your application and supporting documents for approval.

Steps to Take Further (If required):

Additional steps, including attending orientation sessions or supplying more documentation, can be necessary depending on the particular school or grade level. Ensure that you adhere to any directions given by the school.

The re enrolment process usually starts on 11th of May every year. You can secure your child’s information with this process. Lastly, the process has closed as of now, but the acceptance information comes out every year in mid of April.

Enroll Now to Begin Your Education Journey from Preschool to Grade 12!

Set out on an educational journey that takes you from preschool up to the top of the 12th-grade achievement. The apple creek preschool offers an extensive enrollment option that encompasses every stage of learning and welcomes curious minds of all ages. Our district offers a supportive environment, top-notch teachers, and a dedication to supporting lifelong learning, whether you’re preparing your young one for their first steps in schooling or looking for an exciting high school experience. Reserve your space right away to start your child on a path to academic success and growth unlike any other.

Boost Your Education: School Choices Applications Are Now Available!

Use the School Choice Application to have the opportunity to customize your education. This is your chance to choose the educational setting that best suits your goals and learning preferences. The Cherry Creek School District is pleased to provide this chance for students and families to tour the district’s schools and select the one that best fits their academic and personal requirements. You may take charge of your educational career with the School Choice Application, which gives you access to customized courses and original methods of instruction. Apply today to open up a world of opportunities in the quest for academic greatness.

A Comprehensive Resource Hub: Your Ideal Online Parenting Partner

Introducing mycherrycreek is a one-stop online resource, created specifically for parents. This comprehensive hub offers a wealth of helpful resources, counsel, and knowledge to assist you in your parenting journey. Our resource portal is your go-to guide for promoting the development and well-being of your kid, offering everything from knowledge and milestones in growth to advice on navigating distance learning and creating a strong home-school relationship. Simplify your parenting journey while exploring the plethora of information at your fingertips.

Simple Seamless Enrollment with Our User-Friendly District Admission System

With our user-friendly District Admission System, enrolling is easier than ever. This user-friendly portal was created with your convenience in mind, streamlines the enrollment process and makes it simple to reserve your child’s space in the Cherry Creek School District. Say goodbye to paperwork and lengthy waits since our system will walk you through each step and ensure that the necessary documents are submitted accurately. Join our network of learners right away and embrace the future of enrollment with ease.

Maintaining Reliability: Student Address Check and Verification Procedure

  • Contact the district administration department if you need to change your address.
  • An admissions consultant will get in touch with the students or parents to answer any queries or confirm that the request has been fulfilled.
  • To complete the process, provide the necessary paperwork for an address change or verification to admissions at via email.
  • Verifying residency is a crucial step, and the district offers examples of acceptable proof of residency.
  • The district’s admissions office is responsible for managing student enrollment at all Cherry Creek Schools.

Events to Greeting International Families and Admission Support:

Are you starting a new academic journey? Participate in our special international family welcome events. To ensure a seamless process in the Cherry Creek School District, our committed admission support team is ready to walk you through each step of the enrollment process. They are here to help you at every stage of the enrollment process.

Enrolment in Pre-School Is Universal:

Our Universal Pre-School Enrolment can help you prepare your child for success. Our program provides high-quality early education opportunities and lays the groundwork for a lifetime of learning. Reserve a seat for your child and let them into a world of learning discovery. The introduction of universal preschool enrollment in Colorado’s educational system is an exciting development. Children in Colorado will have access to a high-quality, half-day preschool program through the universal preschool program starting in the summer of 2023. Jared Polis, the governor, approved this statewide initiative in April 2022. Colorado’s enrolment procedure started on January 17, 2023, and it will be overseen by the state’s Departments of education and human services (CDEC).

Student Summer Meals Are Free:

Even in the summer, encourage the development of young minds. We make sure that youngsters continue to enjoy wholesome meals through our Free Summer Lunches program. Enjoy the break in silence knowing that we’re working to ensure your child’s wellbeing. In our collaboration with the U.S. department, we offer meals at no cost for children and teens.

The program launches on June 5th and mobile sites have been set up all across Aurora to give students fast access. Five days a week, the CitySquare organization will also offer free lunches at the main library location.

Health Centre Open During the Summer:

Even in summer, keep your skin covered. To guarantee access to medical services when required, our Health Centre is still operational. Our top goal is the health of your child, and we’re here to give them the attention and assistance they need all summer long. These clients have attracted a lot of community interest since their launch in February 2022. To fulfil different medical demands, they provide a range of services.

These medical facilities serve you all summer long, whether you need a checkup as part of your usual care or to treat any health issues. Keep connected with our mycherrycreek website portal to stay updated.

CCSD Calendar of Events:

8th August 2022School Year Commences
3rd January 2023   Start of the 2nd Semester
16th January 2023 Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
TBD (To Be Determined)Board School of Trustees Work Session
TBDRegular Board Meetings
TBDSpecial Events and Activities

The following is the timetable for student graduations in 2023. It is suggested to look up exact dates for events like board school trustee work sessions and regular board meetings on the CCSD calendar. Additionally, other High Schools keep a separate, regularly updated calendar for the academic year 2023-2024. Keep checking back for updates regarding the CCSD calendar for the 2023-2024 school year.

Focus on Cherry Creek Innovation Campus:

Visit the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus to learn more about innovative education. Through practical training, industry partnerships, and modern vocational and technical education. This highlight course offers students the skills they need to succeed in the real world. Bring your potential to life and create a dynamic route for your future career.

District’s Principles:

Our district’s basic values—Integrity, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, and Equity—are its beating heart. These principles serve as the foundation for every aspect of our educational strategy and promote a multicultural, welcoming atmosphere where students can succeed both academically and socially.

Academic Programmes for Students in Elementary, Middle, and High School:

Discover a range of educational programs catered to each learning stage. Our district provides a wide range of programs designed to encourage excellence in every student. Starting with comprehensive elementary courses that lay strong foundations and continuing with engaging middle school explorations. Ending in diverse high school routes that prepare learners for higher education and beyond.

Website of the Cherry Creek School District: Your Gateway to Excellence:

Use the mycherrycreek portal, your window to the Cherry Creek School District, to navigate the educational landscape. Our website serves as a complete hub for students, parents, and community members looking to engage with our lively educational community. It includes enrollment information, academic materials, district news, and activities.

Overview of the District’s Mission and Vision:

Our goal at Cherry Creek School District is to encourage each student to study, think critically, strive for success, and show compassion. We work to develop a community of innovative thinkers, continuous learners, and compassionate citizens ready to make a meaningful contribution to the global society, guided by a visionary commitment.

Engagement in the Community and Academic Excellence:

We are dedicated to our quest for academic success and make it a priority to give every student a top-notch education that develops their full potential. Additionally, we go above and above to promote a sense of community and belonging outside of the classroom. We encourage an environment where everyone can thrive by working together.


The Cherry Creek School District is committed to stimulating academic progress, supporting personal growth, and creating flourishing communities. We invite you to learn more about our mission-driven programs, and educational principles. Check our constant commitment to inspiring a better future for all through the mycherrycreek site. Help us to create a path for outstanding education and civic involvement.