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Why Choose MicroSensor’s Pressure Transmitters?


Why Choose MicroSensor’s Pressure Transmitters?

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A pressure transmitter measures the changes in pressure of various elements like liquids and gases. A pressure transmitter does this by transmitting the changes into an output signal which is then converted into an electrical signal. These sorts of sensors are also referred to as pressure transducers. They are often formed of a pressure-sensitive casing and interface constructed out of silicon, steel, or other materials based on the nature of the analyte. These surfaces conceal electrical parts that can transform the collected readings into an electrical signal that the operator can interpret via a display screen or pressure gauge.

MicroSensor’s pressure transmitters offer complete gauge devices with integrated pressure sensors for oil, high-temperature liquid, gas, and more at their ideal levels.

Types of pressure measurements

Pressure transmitters provide a lot of pressure measurements, including absolute, differential, or gauge pressures.

Absolute Pressure

Absolute pressure is the force that exists in a space when there is no matter present or when there is a perfect vacuum. Absolute pressure is the pressure in a space devoid of all substances or a vacuum. Absolute zero serves as the baseline for calculations of the absolute pressure.

Gauge Pressure

This is the pressure measured in comparison to the surrounding atmospheric pressure. A diaphragm sensor is the best device to measure gauge pressure, with one end open to the pressure medium to be measured and the other subjected to the surrounding atmospheric pressure.

Differential Pressure

The variation in pressure is known as differential pressure. It’s the dispersed force that is vertically operating on a single spot.

Why Choose MicroSensor’s Pressure Transmitters?

Since the 1970s, MicroSensor has worked to produce pressure transmitters and sensors based on the concepts of piezoresistive measurement. MicroSensor Corporation can provide specialized solutions for various purposes across various sectors thanks to its extensive experience.

For example, oil and gas, communications, marine, energy and utilities, industrial automation, and many more industries have benefited from our intelligent systems.

The list of reasons why you should choose MicroSensor pressure transmitters is endless, but here are some of the most inarguable ones to consider:

Offers a wide range of pressure transmitters

For control systems, marine, industrial and commercial gases, food service, HVAC, and telemetry, among other applications, MicroSensor offers a comprehensive range of high-quality pressure transducers. Most pressure transmitters have an output range of 0.1bar to 1000bar, as well as 0.5V to 2.5V, 0.5V to 4.5V, 4mA to 20mA, etc.

Our pressure transmitters are approved for use in hazardous environments and have ATEX explosion-proof, Exd, and UL certificates. You will, without a doubt, find what you require in the MicroSensor inventory. There is a custom design option.

They are economical and are designed on robust technologies.

MicroSensor’s vast catalog allows you to find pressure transmitters that fit your wallet but still serve your pressure sensor needs. MicroSensor offers budget-friendly and economical prices for high-quality devices.

The devices are designed using quality materials and employ the latest and advanced technology from robust systems to ensure that consumers get accurate pressure measurements.

They provide great stability and regulated output.

The extent to which sensor properties hold steady over time is referred to as stability. Stability changes, often called drift, can sometimes be brought on by components getting older, becoming less sensitive, changing the signal ratio to noise, etc.

The pressure transmitters offer optimum stability with efficient output. The output pressure is an analog voltage or electric current signal expressing 0 to 100 % of said pressure range detected by the sensor.

They’re highly sensitive, compact, and lightweight.

What you want from a pressure transmitter is a practical, light, and compact design. This is what MicroSensor devices offer, meaning you can employ the pressure transmitters without hustle. The technology used to make the pressure transmitters are highly sensitive, so you allow for accurate measurements.

They are compact in design and fit even in tight spaces or equipment. You will get such design qualities and more with MicroSensor’s pressure transmitters.

Simple to install and highly durable

Most industries need a streamlined production process that doesn’t waste time to meet consumer demands. MicroSensor pressure transmitters are designed to be quickly installed to cut time wasted on other lengthy pressure transmitter installations.

MicroSensor offers high-quality and durable pressure transmitters certified by ATEX explosion proof. The device only requires little maintenance, especially in harsh environmental conditions.

Also, one more benefit of these durable devices is that they save you money in the long run. You won’t need to spend money on repairs or purchasing a new pressure transmitter regularly.


MicroSensor provides pressure sensors, flowmeters, transmitters, and accessories for various industries to aid in intelligent oil and water management systems, etc. MicroSensor has more than fifty years of experience developing and producing oil-filled sensor systems and provides a variety of gauge, differential, and absolute pressure sensors.

Selecting MicroSensor means selecting expertise, superior pressure transmitters, outstanding after-sale services, and superior customer support.