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How to choose the optimal boiler capacity for your apartment/home


How to choose the optimal boiler capacity for your apartment/home

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In order not to depend on hot water cuts, it is time to buy a boiler for your house or apartment.

And here it is important to choose the optimal volume, which will be suitable in your particular case. On the site ( lämminvesivaraaja 100l ) you can buy with fast, convenient delivery, having previously familiarized with the characteristics and learn the cost. 

Boiler – how to choose the right volume

How to choose the volume of the boiler is a relevant question for many people. And here the number of people living in your house plays a role:

  • a tank of fifty liters is suitable for a single owner; 
  • an eighty-liter tank is an excellent choice for a family of two or three people;
  • If you have a large family, it is time to pay attention to the boiler, the tank of which is from a hundred liters. 

The optimal volume of the boiler for the apartment can be calculated on the basis of significant criteria. 

The main criteria for determining the appropriate volume of the boiler

Some significant points should be emphasized here:

  1. The volume is the main indicator that determines the stock of liquid, as well as the size of the tank. For a small family, a small apparatus that will not take up much space in the kitchen or bathroom will be enough. 
  2. In order to calculate the volume of the boiler, it is necessary to take into account the amount of water that one person consumes. As a result, it will be possible to determine how much water will be needed for your family. Accordingly, you will be able to choose the right boiler. 
  3. For the kitchen is enough model up to fifteen liters in volume – it is quite enough for washing dishes. 

Calculation of the volume of the boiler should be made on the basis of the number of people living in the house or apartment. And if a large family, then you can safely order a water heater from a hundred liters in volume. This is an ideal solution for private households. 

For an apartment, it will be cost-effective to install two devices – for the kitchen and bathroom. In this case, you should take into account the energy consumption of the boiler, as well as the savings of resources with its use. 

Choosing a boiler – basic criteria

In order to install an optimally suitable boiler in an apartment or private house, it is important to intelligently approach the issue of choosing a model. And here the volume of the tank plays a significant role. It is worth highlighting the optimal volume indicators:

  1. The volume of the boiler for a family can vary from fifty liters to a hundred or more – it all depends on how many people live in the house or apartment. 
  2. In order to choose the best-suited boiler, it is important to take into account the parameters of the dwelling. For a private house you can use more space for the installation of the unit, in the apartment should prefer a more compact model or install several boilers – in the kitchen and bathroom. 
  3. The volume of a bathroom boiler should be selected based on how much water one person uses on average and how many people live in your house. 

When choosing a smaller boiler, it is important to consider that such models have their own peculiarities. It is important to consider the location of the hose outlets – this applies to both top and bottom placement. 

Different types of boiler installation are possible – horizontal and vertical models. Universal installation is also possible. 

The type of installation you choose will determine the space available for the appliance. Choosing a horizontal model frees up space. Such a model is ideal for the bathroom. The boiler can be installed at the very ceiling. The horizontal type of boiler is ideal for a small apartment.