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Comparison of the effects of cannabis and alcohol on the human body with equal use


Comparison of the effects of cannabis and alcohol on the human body with equal use

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In this article, we want to find out what is more detrimental to the human body: drinking alcohol or smoking cannabis, along the way dispelling the myth that smoking marijuana inevitably leads to the use of other, much stronger drugs.

Comparing the effects of hemp and alcohol on the human body with equal use is not easy to make because alcoholic beverages are definitely a poison, and marijuana contains many useful substances (cannabinoids). For this reason, even a regular order weed online cannot harm the body as much as alcohol. Alcohol has a toxic effect on all internal organs, moreover, it often leads to cirrhosis of the liver and gastritis, psychological problems, and excess weight.

Does alcohol beat marijuana?

At a time when alcohol is the fifth most harmful drug, cannabis is eleventh. Where does such a gap come from, obviously not in favor of alcohol because everywhere they say publicly that it is weed that is the cause, if not of all, then of many problems? It’s a matter of different effects on the body. Let’s compare the effects of cannabis and alcohol on the human body with equal use.

When drinking alcohol, a person has euphoria, high self-esteem, talkativeness, attention, and critical abilities decrease, often, people who are intoxicated are extremely aggressive, which leads to very sad consequences.

Marijuana, on the contrary, directs the attention and energy of a person to the study of himself, to the study of the hidden depths of his consciousness, improves fantasy. Also, there are no reliable cases of death of people from an overdose of marijuana, in contrast to similar cases with alcohol.

The negative and positive effects of marijuana

Long-term and frequent use of cannabis affects thinking, comprehension, abstract thinking, learning, and immediate memory, leading to depression, mood swings, and can lead to panic attacks and depression. Cannabis also does not have the best effect on the physical body of a person, it causes the same symptoms as smoking, affects the heart (increased heart rate), affects the reproductive system, and affects motor functions (impairs coordination and increases reaction time). But even this detrimental effect cannot be compared with the even more terrible effect of alcohol on the human body.

Marijuana also has an undeniable advantage over alcohol: no one goes into a herbal binge, and you don’t need to get drunk either. Even if people buy shatter online or smoke cannabis all night long, they will remain able to work, in contrast to the loss of ability to work with equal time drinking, which can lead to prolonged drinking and disgusting both physical and psychological state in the morning.

Cannabis makes you want to try hard drugs?

Regarding the myth that the use of cannabis inevitably leads to the use of stronger drugs, it is like saying that drinking wine or beer leads to drinking stronger alcoholic beverages and, as a result, to alcoholism. It’s absurd. Each person, by virtue of his individual characteristics and various external influences, determines for himself how to act, what to use, and in what quantities.