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What are the things you should remember when conducting a skip-level meeting?


What are the things you should remember when conducting a skip-level meeting?

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OKRs are a popular methodology which has been helping many companies for a long time. Objective & key results allow measurement beyond traditional definitions of success & ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to goals, initiatives & expectations, making OKRs essential components of any competitive business these days.

Have you ever been to a skip-level meeting? It’s one of those meetings that often take place in business sectors and it can be quite the experience. OKRs are normally set at the beginning, quickly followed by introducing yourself as part of the executive roadmap presented to possible investors. Then, according to various departments’ requirements, definitive strategies will be proposed and compared in an engaging brainstorming format. Skip-level meetings can be an interesting way for executives to get exposure to what’s going on with each group inside an organization. If done strategically and effectively, skip-level meetings can be another way for a company to increase efficiency and accuracy during these uncertain times.

What is a skip-level meeting?

A skip-level meeting is a one-on-one meeting between a team member and their superior’s boss.

In skip-level meetings, the team member’s direct superior is not present.

Skip-level meetings provide a great opportunity for team members to directly express their OKR ambitions to their superior’s boss. Everyone comes out ahead: the employees receive their much-needed support and guidance while management gets insight and perspective that they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access.

Here are things you should remember when conducting a skip-level meeting:

  • Try to ask relevant skip-level meeting questions –

You must initiate the conversation and try to build a relationship with the team member. You should also avoid asking rapid-fire questions. If you’re unsure where to start, here are some skip-level meeting questions that can help you-

-What are your goals for the next four to five years?

-If you were a manager how would you do things differently?

-What challenges do you face daily?

  • Keep the skip level meeting simple-

Keeping things simple is what will ensure an effective and enjoyable meeting for the person so, try to keep the skip-level meeting as simple as possible. Keep a smooth flow of communication & try to talk about positive things & create a friendly atmosphere for the employee. Team members should feel free to share things with you.

  • Discuss future expectations & goals-

You must try to have a friendly conversation & ask about the roles & responsibilities of the team member. You should make the team member comfortable as he/she may be nervous. You can then ask about his/her future expectations & goals. You can also share the company’s future goals and milestones & also let the team member know what his/her contribution would be. You should try to motivate the team members by making them feel important.

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