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6 Ways You Can Bring Back Fun Into Learning For Your Employees


6 Ways You Can Bring Back Fun Into Learning For Your Employees

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Let’s be honest; learning was not the most fun part of being at school for your employees. So, if you want to upskill your employees by accommodating different courses and workshops, don’t blame them if they are not too enthusiastic about it. Employee engagement rate can pretty much accurately determine how passionate they are about learning these new skills. So, you want to develop new activities and learning methods to bring back the fun. When your employees enjoy what they are learning, it is bound to stay with them for extended periods. It will benefit the employee and, in turn, the organization. 

So, let’s look at 6 ways you can genuinely make learning effortless and engaging for your employees-

  1. Personalize your learning process

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all. Everyone has their individuality and their way of learning. You must make a course with a generalized approach and expect your employees to be motivated.

In a large organization, it is not possible to cater to everyone’s needs. That’s why LMS software is a lifesaver regarding effective learning. Through learning management software, you can ensure your learners are learning at their own pace with their own goals. Qooper is an eLearning software that helps with mentoring and learning with features like engagement analytics, activity tracking, collaborative workspace, feedback collection, and so much more. Check out Qooper pricing models to see if it is the best fit for your organization. 

  1. Have discussion activities

We learn the most through observation and active participation. It will be best if you host a peer discussion at your office to help your employees learn from each other. It is also when you should encourage them to acknowledge each other’s achievements as well as help foster an environment of constructive criticism that will help them grow in the right direction. 

Only show them some roadmaps. Allow them to develop new ideas and give them space to experiment. It will encourage them to be more creative and explore outside of their comfort zone. 

  1. Incorporate Games

Game-based learning is very engaging and fun. It helps the person understand the concepts much more swiftly and efficiently. If you are taking the help of a learning management system, try to incorporate gamification. It will enhance learning with awards, badges, and much more. 

Games also foster an environment for healthy competition. It makes employees strive for better after seeing other employees score high on the leaderboard. Games are also a great way to create motivation. A badge or a target can push a person to learn more attentively and with more effort. 

  1. Make it less memorization and more centered around activities

Memorizing something to get through a course can only help one get far. By making it more activity based, you give the learner the to implement what they have learned and provide them with space to learn through experience. They can gauge how they would work it out in the field by practicing in the office with collaborative projects or assignments. This is much more effective when it comes to courses that are being implemented for practical use. 

Ask them to develop a presentation or give them small tasks with real-world consequences. This would develop their creativity as well as their critical thinking abilities. 

  1. Invite them to Q&A with experts

If you want to learn the best, you need to learn from the best. Invite industry experts to host an educative seminar or Q&A session. Ask them to host workshops in your company. Make it interactive, so it is not a one-way road. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to bring out the CEO or COO to talk to your employees in a friendly manner. It will facilitate a connection between the employees and the company. 

These kinds of interactive sessions push people to understand the material more beforehand to impress or to broaden their knowledge with tips from experts. It will help the learning process much more. 

  1. Set up challenges

You can engage your employees much better if you set up challenges. Give them small tasks that they need to do there and make them present/interact. That way, you can push a little healthy competition between your employees. It will make them interact more and prepare better for the next time. The need to do better would boost the learning process exponentially. 

Give them imaginary situations or ask them about innovative ways they can implement what they are learning. This will spark interest. 

So, what are you waiting for? Incorporate these in your learning system to have an engaged and motivated workspace eager to learn today.