Game Art Outsourcing Studio as a Business in 2022


Game Art Outsourcing Studio as a Business in 2022

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Today, outsourcing has become an integral part of the business processes in game development and plays an increasingly important role in modern business life. Recall that outsourcing involves performing a wide variety of work in the interests of the client company. Comprehensive problem solving, high qualifications and extensive experience, a significant reduction in the cost of paying for services

In outsourcing, the customer company independently manages the staff or the project. Still, it administers the project through the executing company, which provides technical support processes (calculating and paying wages to personnel, provision of transport and mobile communications, conference services, etc. ). That is, outstaffing is understood as the removal of an employee from the staff of the customer company and his registration in the team of the provider company. At the same time, he continues to work in the same place and fulfill his former duties.

How to Choose Art Outsourcing Studio

Before choosing the company you will order outsourcing services from, it is necessary to conduct a final analysis. A comparison of the following parameters will help you select the best candidate:

  • How quickly the company responds to remote administration and consulting requests, especially if a specialist visit and personal presence are required.
  • What services are included in the contract, and what will need to be paid extra. Perhaps the company does not provide services that could be useful to you, in which case you should choose another provider.
  • What is the level of professionalism of employees in the company, as well as how the outsourcing company exercises control over them?
  • How the customer and the outsourcer will interact in case of unforeseen situations.
  • How will the procedure for terminating the contract for the provision of services take place?
  • Is there a security system in the outsourcing company, and how does it work?

Check the art outsourcing partner’s social media accounts and their website. Communicate with key employees who will be directly involved in the life of your company.

We’ll take the RetroStyle Games customer reviews page as an example. The page has all the information you need:

  • price
  • the number of employees
  • founding date
  • portfolio
  • reviews

Based on this, the development team determines the further connection with the art outsourcing partner. Outsourcing can provide more budget flexibility and control. It allows organizations to pay for the services and business features they need when they need them.

What Services Art Outsourcing Studio Can Offer to Clients

Depending on the range of services, outsourcing studios often offer:

  • analytics and user journey mapping
  • 3D modeling
  • motion design
  • concept art development
  • creating sprites
  • animation, VFX, etc.

In the broadest sense, these people create the packaging and make the final product beautiful and convenient. The entire artwork lifecycle management involves the production – art directors, graphic and web designers, illustrators, animators, and layout designers. Programmers are needed here only because the layouts in their pure form are not interesting to the customer.

Outsourcing is very profitable and convenient for both parties. For large companies, it makes it possible to “throw off” minor functions to more competent firms. For game development, this service is an opportunity to receive a stable income, doing only one type of activity, but for several customers. Proper organization of outsourcing makes cooperation mutually beneficial for both parties. The art outsourcing team we talked about always updates the list of their projects and services, so if you are looking for an art studio, then you should pay attention to these professionals.

Art as Project Advertisement

One of the other advantages of art studios is their experience in providing visual content. As you know, there is nothing better than advertising the game than bright images, concept art, and demos of what awaits gamers. In this case, this attribute plays the role of advertising and promotes the project. Therefore, game development is always worth working together on a graphic plan if you outsource it so that users want to play and look forward to the release.

When a person looks at an ad on a social media feed, the first thing they notice is the image. The cool art of the main character always catches the eye. We can talk about the text in advertising, but this is the work of other specialists


Companies attract art outsourcing studios for everything from presentations to interfaces. It depends on the task. More interesting – what design services and why some companies do not give external contractors. At the same time, other companies can easily outsource these same services.

Even if the studio does not have relevant cases, it is important that in communication it shows its competence and resources sufficient to complete the task.

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