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How to Measure UTV Tires


How to Measure UTV Tires

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Choosing the right UTV tires is important for your off-road endeavors. As such, measuring UTV tires not only ensures they are compatible with your vehicle but also crucial for safety.

Searching for how to measure UTV tires? Relax up, we have got your back with a detailed step-by-step guide of how to get the job. Follow the lead and make measuring your UTV tires a plain sailing.  

Inflate the Tire to Maximum Operating Pressure

The initial step is to inflate your UTV tire. This is important since it will help you get accurate height of the tire (the sidewall shows the maximum operating pressure).  

Inflating large UTV tires can be troublesome and thus it is better done side by side of the vehicle.

To measure the height of the inflated tire, use the soft tape.  The hard tape will undoubtedly result to a challenge when it comes to accurate height measurement.

Measure the Weight of UTV tire

Using a specialized weighing scale is the most accurate method to measure the weight of the UTV tire. However, you can also use hanging scale or bathroom scale to measure the small-sized tires.

To avoid inconveniences you are best advised to remove the tire from the vehicle. Besides, ensure it does not touch the ground during weighing.

Record the weight and remove the tire from weighing scale.

Measure the Circumference

Using a soft tape, measure the circumference of the UTV tire (from the center to the highest point of the tread).

Thereafter, you get the diameter by dividing the acquired circumference by PI (3.14).  This method will give you the overall height of UTV tire in inches.

For example: if the height of the tire is 60 inches, you would divide 60” by 3.14 to get 19.1083. Using the industry standards this UTV tire would be marked as 19” tall.

ATV Tire Size Calculator

ATV tire size calculator is an important tool that you can use to compare different tire sizes. If you need the same size of tires on front and back of UTV you need size calculator to get the job done.

It is worth noting that ATV tires are recorded in a set of three numbers that are separated using dashes.

For example: 26-10-12:

In this format the first number represents the overall height of the tire when inflated (26-10-12 is 26” tall)

While the second number represents the width of tire when inflated (26-10-12 is 10’’ wide)

Finally, the third number represents the diameter of the tire (26-10-12 is 12” in diameter)

This is the standard UTV tire chart that is widely used in the industry.

What if you come across a number like 206/80R12, that undoubtedly seems odd?  But no need of an alarm you are dealing with a metric tire. In the current market the metric format is very rare and you will hardly come across it.

However, in case you come across such format be informed that:

The first number (206-80R12) represents the width of tire in millimeters

The second represents the sidewall height (206-80R12). Note it is represented in percentage of the width (80% of our 206mm).

R refers to Radial, which is the construction of the tire (206-80R12)

Finally, is the diameter of the wheel (206-80R12)

How to Find the Right Fit for Polaris Ranger

Searching tires for Polaris Ranger can be mind-numbing. They are wide variety of Polaris Ranger tires designed to meet different terrain types and driving styles.

But you need to worry not, when it comes to these tires size does not matter that much. However, putting bigger tires in ATV can affect performance of the vehicle since they tend to scrub various points on machine’s chassis. As such, you not only risk losing the torque but also the extra weight can damage your clutch belt.

Unless you install additional accessories such as wheel spacers or forward a-arms you cannot exceed thirty inches UTV tires in Polaris Ranger mid-size and Polaris Ranger Crew.

Kindly note selecting the right tires of Polaris Ranger is important for your off-road adventures. If the UTV tires align to the terrain type and driving style then you will easily maneuver any obstacle you come across. 

Is Putting Bigger Tires in ATV Safe?

Even though the general answer is yes, there are few things worth noting before you choose this line of action.

Any ATV tire size can fit without the need for modifications of suspensions. For example, if you bought an ATV with 28-inch tires you can fit in 29-inch tires without any mechanical issues.

But if you desire to extend beyond this, you will need to purchase a lift kit and off-set A-arms. With these kits you can tell the maximum tire size that can be installed to avoid damages.

Putting bigger tires in ATV is intertwined with some risks such losing torque and thus one needs to tread lightly.