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Why Install Sound Barrier Walls Around a Battery Energy Storage Site


Why Install Sound Barrier Walls Around a Battery Energy Storage Site

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Battery energy storage sites (BESS) help keep electrical grids in balance. They also improve the utilization of different power sources, such as solar and wind. These systems provide advanced energy storage solutions, but they come with a few downsides, like noise pollution. If you own or work in a BESS, you should find ways to minimize noise pollution. Installing sound barrier walls or systems around the major components or site is the best solution. Here are the main reasons to have a battery energy storage site noise reduction barrier wall.

To Ensure Compliance

Inverters, primary transformers, cooling systems for the battery containers, and LV to MV transformers are the main sources of noise. There are customized noise barrier walls to mitigate noise pollution coming from these individual components or even the entire system. The local authorities must inspect the site, and if the noise is not beyond certain levels, they will offer you the required operation licenses. So you should install an absorptive sound barrier early to reduce noise and be compliant. If you don’t install the right sound barrier systems, your facility may not qualify for licensing due to high noise levels.

To Protect Others from Noise Pollution

It is no doubt that BESS produces too much noise that can affect residents and workers living nearby. Even if noise reduction is necessary, you should also think about those living or working nearby. Can they rest or work properly with all that noise coming from your facility? Probably not! You should invest in the best battery energy storage site noise reduction systems not only to be compliant, but also to protect those living or working near your facility.

To Ensure a Good Relationship with the Community

Battery energy storage sites must coexist with the community. The community will need energy from the facility, while the facility will need labor and protection from the community. So if you are the owner or the manager, you must build a perfect relationship with the community. Giving job opportunities to the community may not be enough. You should ensure that the facility doesn’t harm the community through noise pollution or any other way. In return, the community will serve and protect the facility as their own.

To Avoid Fines or License Revocation

At the start, BESS may not produce much noise. However, the site can produce too much noise over time, and people living nearby can file complaints against the facility. If they do, and the local authorities confirm that the noise from the site is beyond the accepted levels, you will likely be fined or even lose your license. Why should you wait for things to get to that point? Just install durable and effective battery energy storage site noise reduction barrier systems to reduce noise from the facility.

Noise Reduction Enhances Productivity of Workers in the Facility

Noise from the inverters, AC system, and other components can make BESS workers have a hard time while at work. They have to wear ear protection to avoid ear damage. They also have to withstand the noise for long hours, affecting their peace of mind, concentration, and productivity at work. So install customized sound barrier systems around noise-producing components to give employees a better working environment.