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iOS App Development Outsourcing: Benefits, Costs, and Tips on How to Do It Right


iOS App Development Outsourcing: Benefits, Costs, and Tips on How to Do It Right

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It is smart to partner with an experienced mobile app development company in order to grow your app and business.

Mobile apps are a vital part of our daily lives and allow us to share unique ideas and concepts. Mobile app development is booming and you may want to be part of it as a business to keep your customers. Outsourcing app development companies can provide the best solution to your problems!

An outsourcing company for app development has many advantages and you may want to be part of one. You can also find app developers by doing proper research and interviewing according to your requirements.

It’s possible to hire iPhone app developers after you have decided to outsource an ios app development company. It is more sensible to hire offshore app developers in the Covid era. This will help you and your environment stay safe. Hiring offshore developers can also offer many benefits to your business, including round-the-clock availability and reduced costs. They will also be able to develop apps faster, more efficiently, and provide better productivity.

Outsourcing iOS Mobile App Development has Many Benefits

Offshore is the process of choosing a partner country for development. This model is popular in countries such as Canada and the US. They also charge less and provide better work in a shorter time.

You will enjoy the following benefits if you delegate app development to an overseas team:

  • Lower living costs: Outsourcing destinations like India, China and Eastern Europe have significantly lower costs than the US, UK or Western Europe. Even the highest hourly rates in Ukraine, for example, will be less than those in the US. The average salary for a junior iOS developer in America is $43,000/year. The salary for a senior iOS developer is $42,000/year in Ukraine.

  • You save time: Outsourcing mobile app development is cost-efficient and can help you save precious time. Outstaffing is a great option for app development outsourcing. You won’t have to spend too much time hiring, training and retaining employees. A pre-built team of experts will be available to help you with your project. They have worked on many similar projects and built complex apps.

  • High Quality Work: There are many reviews about potential partners in app development that you can use to help you make the right hiring decisions. Sites such as allow you to search for application development outsourcing companies around the globe and narrow down your choices by consulting previous clients. You can also look at the websites of dev shops, view testimonials and case studies, as well as check references. YouTeam also allows you to quickly get a list of qualified offshore mobile app developers within 48 hours.

Outsourcing iOS App Development: Cost-Effectiveness

Outsourcing can be a great way to reduce costs in many ways.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to create an in-house team or build the required expertise.

  • Since development companies already own everything, there won’t be any need to buy equipment or subscriptions for development. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have it, but that won’t be your problem.
  • Hourly rates for outsourcing teams are often lower than the wages your in-house employees will have to earn to remain competitive.
  • The full-cycle product delivery process is already in place by development companies, so this burden is lifted off your shoulders.
  • You can also work with developers in countries that have lower hourly rates and fees — such as Eastern Europe or Asia. You get the same quality for a lower price: developers aren’t as skilled as IT professionals from Western Europe or the USA.
  • You can even save on overheads and social packages. These are just a few of the many ways you can save money on app development.

Hopefully you are clear about the ways it can help you save big time. Now if you are thinking how you can proceed ahead with outsourcing the mobile application development process, then the below segment can certainly help. Check it out.

Step-by-Step Guide to Outsourcing Mobile App Development

You can take certain steps to reduce or eliminate the risks of outsourcing mobile app development or Web app development. Engaging a competent and experienced partner in software development is the first step. It is important to ensure that all promises are made. In the beginning of the partnership, it is crucial that you have leverage over the agency providing the iOS app development services. These are the steps to follow if you plan on outsourcing an app using freelancers or agencies for development.

  1. Make sure there is a money back guarantee: It is extremely important to have a money back guarantee. It is unfair to be charged for work that you don’t like. You should include a clause that covers this risk in your contract.

  2. Management of accounts and trial phases: It makes sense to have a client-side manager manage your risks if you’re not very experienced in delivering software projects. An account manager is to you. This person ensures that the financial, communication, performance, and economy aspects are all taken care of. It is impossible to ensure consistency in the work of the account manager because they are a third party.

  3. The code is keyed on the client-side. A second essential step is to create a client-side repository. This allows you to immediately take control of the code and prevents outsourced app developers from not transferring it to you in the event of disagreement. You are also not required to pay for low quality code.

  4. Do not pay large lump sums of money too early. It is best to get a detailed breakdown of the cost of the scope of work. This will simplify the Contract Management process. Avoid large lump sums of money while the project is still in its initial stages. You shouldn’t trust a vendor until you have worked with them for six months.

  5. Outsourcing platforms offer the opportunity to leverage the benefits of code and payment-escrow offers. YouTeam, Upwork and TopTal all offer escrow services. This means that your payments will only be released if you are satisfied. This code is called escrow. These platforms have strict vetting processes that allow you to outsource mobile application development without having to worry about hiring unskilled talent.


Apps are now the king of the world. There’s an app to solve almost any problem. This is why app developers are in high demand and outsourcing mobile app development is becoming a popular trend due to the lack of tech talent in America and Western Europe.

Although outsourcing app development can be cheaper, faster, and more cost-effective than building an in-house team, it is still a time-consuming process. You can find an experienced and reliable iOS app development company or a team that will help you realize your dreams if you persevere in your search. Don’t rush the process, as it could lead to you losing your chances of reaching higher heights. You should take enough time to assess the potential credibility and continue your search until you find the perfect match for your needs of iPhone app development services.

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