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All You Have To Know About Ring Septum Piercing


All You Have To Know About Ring Septum Piercing

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It has become a common practice for most individuals to get septum piercing. This is nothing but a piercing procedure done in between two nostrils. It is decorated with jewelry or a ring. This is a practice that has been carried out in most countries for centuries and has experienced a revival in the current times. Here are some things that you should know before you go in for this procedure.

Factors To Consider Before Going In For A Ring Septum

Here is a list of factors that you must consider before signing up for the procedure. Take a look.

1. Gold Is Safe And Fashionable

Seam ring septum jewelry or gold ring is very popular. Many different types of designs are available in the market so you have a lot to choose from. Gold is safe since it is an inert metal and will not give rise to an infection. You could also try the infinity design.

2. No Scarring

The good thing about the procedure is that the piercing goes through the septum so the scar will not be seen. Even if you remove the piercing the scar will not be visible to anyone. This is a huge benefit of the procedure.

3. Expect To Feel A Bit Of Soreness

The pierced area will tend to retain some soreness and it will take some time to ebb away. So, you need to exercise some caution while you are having meals and avoid touching the Seam ring septum. You have to keep the nostrils and piercing very clean at all times. You will take time to adjust to the piercing so you need to be patient.

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4. Takes Time To Heal

The healing time is different for every individual, but it takes about three months for the entire healing person. It is always better to get in touch with a doctor in case you have an infection, swelling, or fever. The piercing needs to be kept clean.

5. This Is Not A Painless Procedure

This is the most important thing that you should consider before getting this procedure done. The process is very painful and you will have the strength to bear the pain to the fullest. If the piercing is done in a comfortable spot it will not hurt that much. However, many people do not have any comfortable spots.

Where To Get The Procedure Done?

There are many professionals who provide these procedures. However, you need to get it done by someone who has experience. So, you need to do research before you sign up for the procedure. Get recommendations from your friends and family before you go in for the procedure. Also, you should get a consultation done by a doctor.

So, this is all you need to know about septum piercing. Try not to rush the process and you must evaluate all your options before moving ahead. The process is a tricky one and after you have completed it you must follow the instructions for the aftercare.