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Tips for Choosing Living Room Curtains


Tips for Choosing Living Room Curtains

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Curtains are interior design pieces that spectacularly complete a living room. They are the missing pieces to pulling a transformative look and harmonizing the entire room. 

Unfortunately, a wrong move with your choice can throw your interior decor efforts down the drain. 

So, how do you get it right, considering the many options available in the market? This piece has fantastic tips to help you hit the right button. 

Define the Curtain’s Main Purpose 

Defining your goal of having curtains hanging in your living room is the first step toward making the right choice. Consider the curtains your room’s vocal point if you want to deliver a style statement. 

For instance, if your entire room has neutral shades, colored curtains will bring some energy and eliminate soullessness in the room. The opposite is also true. Neutral-toned curtains are ideal for neutralizing a bubbly living room by offering variations in tone. Again, make sure the choice of color delivers an eye-striking appeal.  

If the curtains are your lighting trick, the kind of fabric you choose is vital. Thin and light fabrics are ideal if you want morning sun rays penetrating your room. On the other hand, linen fabrics balance some light in and some out. Their textured weave allows light in while thickness blocks some light out.  

Heavy opaque fabrics are a perfect add-on to your home security system if safety is your primary concern. The blackout fabrics deny intruders a peep into your home, enhancing your family’s safety.  

Consider the Curtain Size

Most curtain experts believe short curtains look awkward and disharmonize a room’s vibe. On the other hand, too long curtains look messy.  They advise you to hang your curtains at least six inches above the window frame to ensure you get it right with the height. The curtain size makes your room look cozier and more extensive.  

There are three options to consider if you choose floor-length curtains.

Floating Curtains

The curtains hang about half an inch above the floor. The type is ideal if you have pets and small children. They also display elegance and offer a lot of ease when opening or closing.

Breaking Curtains

 If you are looking for a not too formal look but pull out an elegant look, break curtains are what you need. The curtains slightly kiss the floor and are about three inches longer than float curtains.

Puddle Curtains 

The puddle curtains are a definition of luxury and a touch of drama. They extend up to about 12 inches longer than your floor length. The generous puddle look is ideal if not closed or opened regularly.  

As for the width, ensure the curtains are wider than your window.  Your curtains should not end where your window flame ends. Add about four to seven inches on either side to ensure you see the entire window when the curtains open. The trick prevents the curtains from bunching up together and makes the room look bigger!

Consider Custom-Made Curtains

Ready-made curtains come in four lengths; 84 inches, 96 inches, 108 inches, and 120 inches. Unfortunately, going down this route means being stuck with these four options.  No room for adjustment to your liking!  

On the other hand, custom curtains are tailor-fit to your windows’ dimensions. They are built on those exact sizes, delivering accurate fitting and elegance. You also dictate the height and width of the window treatment and get to bring out your style and preference. 

Living Room Curtains. How to Get It Right

Your curtain choice largely determines how warm and cozy your living room will be. So getting it right when choosing your window treatments is vital. 

Fortunately, keeping a keen interest in your curtain’s goals straight, the size, and going for custom-made curtains guarantees a streamlined and finished living space.