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Mickey Mouse Making Swiss Cheese: Did A Disney Cartoon Really Show It?


Mickey Mouse Making Swiss Cheese: Did A Disney Cartoon Really Show It?

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IMG 3575 696x392 1 publishes several rumors regarding numerous risqué images and sounds that have unfortunately become a part of animated Disney films in a purported way. This blog post will discuss the rumors of Micky Mouse making Swiss cheese in a way that does not look good.

True or False?

There is no way to deny that some rumors are true such as, a topless woman appeared in the home video version of Disney’s animated feature The Rescuers that was made in 1977. However, most of these claims are sourced from only wild imagination of some kind of digital morphing that is quite common these days. In the 2nd category, an animated GIF displays the characters Mickey Mouse, PegLeg Pete and Minnie Mouse in a cheese factory. The GIF also features Mickey seemingly engaging in trying to poke holes in a Swiss Cheese block, which was even not included in a real film from Disney. The way Micky is doing it looks obscene.

Origination of Image

rescuers png
This piece of animation was made in March 2011 on the B3Ta Board, which is an internet form frequently featuring photoshopped images. However, even though the source behind the image is not known, viewers can easily identify many other features that clearly show that it is not from an official Disney movie.

Micky Mouse in a Cheese Factory

The characters in the GIF appeared in Steamboat Willie. It was a Disney cartoon short film made in 1928. Notably, the animated classic does not have any scene of a cheese factory. It seems that B3ta user Drimble borrowed the images from Steamboat Willie and sprinkled his own imagination-fuelled animation on top of the original work. For example, Mickey’s hip movements appeared at around the 35-second mark of Steamboat Willie. Minnie Mouse’s reeling motion can be found around the 4.30 mark of the video. The laughing parrot and the GIF’s general background were captured from the 1.30 mark of the animated version. And Peg Leg Pete can be found in a similar pose at the 35-second mark. Another clue that clearly shows that the GIF was made after 1928 is the display of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Regulation sign in the background. The HSE was not created until the 70s.

Final Words

There are several reasons why Steamboat Willie is widely considered a classic animation. For example, it was the first cartoon that utilized sound synchronization. However, the way it depicts Micky poking holes in Swiss cheese does not look good and will definitely not contribute to its popularity in the right way. Summary: There were some rumors about Mickey Mouse making Swiss cheese in a factory. However, the way Mickey was poking holes in Swiss Cheese looks nauseating. Is it a purported video made in Photoshop? Our blog inspects the entire scenario.