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Thiruchitrambalam: OTT Release, Story and Movie Review


Thiruchitrambalam: OTT Release, Story and Movie Review

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Movie NameThiruchitrambalam
OTT PlatformNetflix/ SunNXT
OTT Release DateSeptember 23, 2022
Theatrical Release DateAugust 18, 2022
DirectorMithran Jawahar
StarringDhanush, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Rasi Khanna, Nithya Menon, Prakash Raj and Bharathiraja
Film IndustryKollywood
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Dhanush had a great time in 2022. The last year, he was cast in the Hollywood Netflix movie The Great Man. A slew of movies starring the Tamil star were released at the end of the last year. He also acted in Atrangi Re, a last-year Hindi release. He is still at the peak of his shining career. The talented actor made his appearance in Thiruchitrambalam which was released in theatres in 2022The  Dhanush’s acting in the movie received love from audience and critics as well. Sun Pictures bankrolled the movie and announced Thiruchitrambalam OTT release date. The movie was slated to be streaming on the SunNXT on September 23, 2022.

Theatrical Release Date: August 18, 2022

Digital Rights: Netflix/ SunNXT

OTT Release Date: September 23, 2022

Satellite Rights: TBA

The versatile actor is busy with a pipeline of films. The star actor had been absent from the big screen for some time as his last three films made it to the OTT platforms instead of hitting the theatre halls. Dhanush’s fans were glad to know that Thiruchitrambalam would be released in theatre. However, just like any blockbuster movie, Thiruchitrambalam was also released on OTT platform.

Thiruchitrambalam is a romantic comedy directed by Mithran Jawahar. Noted filmmaker Bharathiraja played a significant role in the movie that has also cast Prakash Raj. The movie has received a lot of support and love globally. The songs, composed by young and extremely talented Anirudh, already went viral along with the movie trailer. Thiruchitrambalam has earned an overall rating of 8.2/10 on IMDb.

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Cast and Crew

Thiruchitrambalam has a long list of cast and crew. The movie has some big names like Dhanush, Prakash Raj and Bharathiraja. In addition, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Nithya Menon, and Rasi Khanna are also among the cast of Thiruchitrambalam. Mithran Jawahar directed the movie and Kalanithi Maran was the producer. Om Prakash is the choreographer and Anirudh Ravichandran composed music for the film.

Thiruchitrambalam is Dhanush’s 44th film. For the first time, Dhanush will have three female leads in a movie. The woman protagonists are played by Nitha Menon, Priya Bhavani Shankar and Raasi Khanna.

Thiruchitrambalam is director Mithran Jawahar’s fourth collaboration. He previously worked on ‘Kutty’, ‘Uthamaputhiran’ and ‘Yaaradi Nee Mohini’. The producer of the movie kept all digital rights information under the wraps until its release date in theatre.

Thiruchitrambalam Story

The story of Thiruchitrambalam keeps track of its main protagonists’ journey from their early adolescence to adulthood.

Thiruchitrambalam is the fulcrum of the movie, around whom, the plot develops and thickens. For convenience, we will call him “Thiru”. He works as a delivery boy in a food company. Thiru lives with his father and grandfather. Thiru’s father Neelakandan (Prakash Raj does justice to this role) is a strict police inspector. Thiru avoids talking to his father as he thinks Neelakandan’s negligence caused death of Thiru’s mother and sister in an accident. Only one person that Thiru shares his problems with is his childhood friend Shobana (played by Nithya Menon).

In his quest for love, Thiru falls for Anusha, his childhood crush. He tells everything to Shobana and seeks her help. Guided by Shobana’s advice, Thiru proposes to Anusha but to his utter surprise, got rejected. Anusha confesses that she only flirted with Thiru and apologises to him for faking love.

Meanwhile Neeelakandan suffers a stroke. Thiru reconciles with him. They visit a village to attend a wedding ceremony where Thiru meets a girl namely Ranjani (Priya Bhavani Shankar) and develops some romantic feeling for her. Shobana also attends the event. Thiru again seeks her help and Shobana arranges a meeting between them. But Ranjani refutes Thiru’s proposal, saying that she does not want to get into relationship with a stranger.

Thiru returns to his home with a heavy heart and tells everything to his grandfather who advises him to think about Shobana. Thiru started to feel for Shobana, whom he has always thought as a good friend. But when he approaches Shobana, she rejects. It leaves Thiru embarrassed, bewildered. He cannot make out what has gone wrong with his life. Shobana even stops talking to him. Shobana leaves for Canada for a job and asks Thiru to meet her at the airport. Unfortunately, his car was stopped by the police and by the time he reached the airport, shobana has already boarded her flight.

Thiru blames himself for spoiling his friendship with Shobana. Later Thiru gets to know from Shobana’s brother that she has loved him since she was in her 6th grade and always treasured all gifts and letters from him. It was Thiru who failed to understand her feelings.

At the end of the movie, Shobana comes back to India and Thiru apologizes to her for having ignored her feelings. They reconcile and get married.


When was Thiruchitrambalam released on OTT platform?

The movie was released on OTT platform on September 23, 2022.

Where can I watch Thiruchitrambalam?

Thiruchitrambalam had theatrical release. However, it is less likely that any theatre still runs the movie. If it does, you can still watch it in a hall. However, the movie was also released on OTT platform. If you have SunNXT subscription, you can watch it there. 

Who got the digital streaming rights of Thiruchitrambalam?

SunNXT acquired the digital streaming rights for the movie.

How did Thiruchitrambalam fare in the box office?

Dhanush-starrer movie did good business in the box office. It was well received by both his fans and critics.

Has Thiruchitrambalam been released on Netflix?

No information is available about Thiruchitrambalam Netflix release. The digital rights are with Sun NXT and they allegedly have some issues with Netflix.

Can I watch Thiruchitrambalam on Amazon Prime Video?

No, the movie is not streaming on Prime Video.

Is Thiruchitrambalam available on Prime Video?

No, it is not available on Amazon Prime Video.

Is the movie available on Hotstar?

No, it is not available on Hotstar.

What is the full form of OTT?

The full form of OTT is Over the Top Platform.

What are Dhanush’s biggest hits?

If we go by commercial success, the Tamilian actor’s two biggest hits are Velaiyilla Pattathari (2014) and Raanjhanaa (2013).

Wrapping Up

Thiruchitrambalam is a romantic-comedy dram directed by Mithran Jawahar. Tamil cine star has been praised for his wonderful performance in the movie which did some decent business in theatres. It was released in theatre halls on August 29 before hitting the OTT on September 29, 2022. The movie is available on Netflix/ SunNXT. Give it a watch and we bet you will love it.

Thiruchitrambalam Movie Review

Thiruchitrambalam is a light-hearted romantic drama. With a budget of only Rs. 30 crores, the movie has done well in the box office. Till date, its global box office collection has crossed much beyond 100 crores. The movie, which is now in the 100-crore club, has become one of the biggest hits in Tamil cinema. Both critics and movie geeks have given positive Thiruchitrambalam reviews. However, hits are not a new achievement in his film career. The movie has been made available on Sun/NXT since September 23.

After his wonderful performance in movies like Polladhav Yaaradi Nee Mohini, Vilai Illa Pattathari, Thiruchitrambalam is going to be another stellar addition to the actor’s crown. Dhanush has delivered one of his best performances in the role he has played in the movie. A few words of praise cannot summarize the way he has got into the skin of the character with his sincerity and commitment. The movie has been commercially successful apart from being critically acclaimed.

Dhanush and Thiruchitrambalam director Mithran R.Jawahar have some big hits of ‘remake’ movies under their belt. However, kudos goes to the director for penning such an engaging masterpiece and narrating it with refined deftness on the silver screen. The decent plot coupled with soulful music and sizzling performance by both lead actors and fringe characters makes the movie worth more than just a single watch.