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Paramporul Review: A Tangled Web of Thrills and Missteps


Paramporul Review: A Tangled Web of Thrills and Missteps

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Paramporul, directed by C Aravind Raj, is a Tamil action-thriller that hit screens on September 1, 2023. Starring R Sarathkumar and Amitash Pradhan, the film initially made a modest impact in theatres but found a new life on streaming platforms. Let’s dive into the world of Paramporul OTT and dissect its highs and lows.

Paramporul OTT Triumph: 


Paramporul’s real triumph came when it found its way onto Amazon Prime Video and Aha Video, gaining popularity with subtitles. ETV Win later joined the streaming lineup, expanding the film’s reach.

Cast & Crew: 

The film’s cast includes R Sarathkumar, Amitash Pradhan, Kashmira Pardeshi, Balaji Sakthivel, and others. C Aravind Raj takes the helm, while Manoj and Girish produce under Kavi Creations. Yuvan Shankar Raja provides the musical backdrop, and Nagooran Ramacandran and S Pandikumar handle editing and cinematography.

Building Worlds, Missing Beats: 

One strong suit of Paramporul is its world-building. The film quickly plunges us into the underbelly of idol smuggling, showcasing a well-connected network stretching from Tamil Nadu villages to the USA. However, the plot execution fumbles. Despite Aadhi’s urgent need for money to save his sister and Maithreyan’s corrupt cop persona, the film feels unnecessarily long, lacking the sharpness of recent Tamil thrillers.

Streaming Success: 

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While the theatrical impact may have been modest, the film’s popularity soared post-streaming. ETV Win joined the digital roster, and the OTT platforms officially declared Paramporul available for streaming.

Character Check: 

The film introduces Aadhi, played by Amitash Pradhan, driven by the need to save his ailing sister. Sarathkumar’s Maithreyan, a corrupt cop, joins Aadhi on an unexpected journey. Kashmira Pardeshi steps into the role of Yamini, Aadhi’s love interest, adding a romantic twist to the plot. However, the character dynamics don’t always hit the mark.

World Unveiled, Not Explored: 

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Paramporul OTT falls short in exploring its central idea—the world of idol smuggling. Terms like Buddha’s avatars and Cholas are tossed around, but the film fails to provide clear explanations. Exposition moments lack depth, leaving the audience grasping for more insights into the intriguing world introduced.

Character Quirks: 

Aadhi stands as the most grounded character, while Maithreyan, played by Sarathkumar, feels like an extension of a previous role. The film doesn’t give justice to its main female character, portrayed by Kashmira Pardeshi. A surprising turn comes from Balaji Sakthivel, contributing positively to the character dynamics.

Standout Moments: 

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Amidst its struggles, Paramporul manages to salvage some impact with standout scenes, like the one featuring Amitash, Sarath, and Balaji from Vaanam Kottattum. The well-executed climax contributes to redeeming the overall viewing experience, but it comes a bit too late.

Sarathkumar’s Arc: 

Sarathkumar’s portrayal of Maithreyan, seeking a final settlement for a peaceful life, presents an intriguing character arc. However, the film undermines the depth with inane dialogues and a song that dilutes the character’s seriousness.

Crime Drama Attempt: 

With idol smuggling as its central theme, Paramporul attempts to depict the world of crime, idol replications, and their brutality. A well-executed early scene showcases the harsh consequences of involvement with smugglers. However, the film’s reliance on distracting songs and numerous characters tests the audience’s patience.

Narrative Struggles:

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Despite strong underlying content, Paramporul OTT falls short in its narrative strategy. Distracting songs and subplots, while attempting to raise the stakes, undermine the film’s foundation. The screenplay, despite showcasing effort in writing, struggles to maintain audience engagement.

Final Twist: 

Paramporul introduces an “expect the unexpected” twist towards the end, offering a decent turn of events. However, the twist alone isn’t sufficient to redeem the film entirely. Filmmakers could benefit from a more strategic approach in balancing crime explanation with effective storytelling.

In Conclusion: 

Paramporul emerges as a product of mediocre execution overshadowing its fragile yet intriguing plot. While the film has moments of brilliance, the overall viewing experience is marred by inconsistent pacing, lack of focus, and underdeveloped character arcs. The potential for a gripping crime thriller is evident but remains largely unrealized due to narrative missteps. As the Tamil film industry continues to explore the thriller genre, Paramporul stands as a reminder of the importance of a cohesive plot, well-defined characters, and strategic storytelling in delivering a satisfying cinematic experience.