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US Best Reverse Phone Lookup Websites to Identify a Caller


US Best Reverse Phone Lookup Websites to Identify a Caller

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Countless reasons could compel you to identify a caller when you see a missed call. You could be harassed by prank calls at two in the morning or fear an anonymous caller is stalking your partner. Telemarketing spam is another headache you would want to avoid while threatening scam calls could land you in unimaginable trouble. Sometimes, you may simply want to identify a caller before returning a call from an unsaved number.

In each of these instances, a reliable reverse phone lookup website could provide all the details you need. It makes caller identification easier and hassle-free. Wouldn’t a simple Google search get the job done? Yes, it can. But checking long lists of search results is time-consuming and might not even yield the information you require. A reverse lookup service, however, could filter what is relevant and provide an instant and detailed report at a click of a button. For instance, it could include residential addresses, marital status, employment details, liens, mortgages, and arrest records, if there are any.

Now, sometimes, the data you receive could be only partially verified or might not serve your search intent. So, selecting a reputed service that meets your requirements is essential. In this article, we feature our top picks for the best US reverse phone lookup websites to identify a caller. Let’s dive in.

1. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders has a user-friendly website and a vast database, which, according to the company, covers records of over 250 million US adults. A free search on the site uncovers basic details—i.e., the phone type, carrier, and registered city and state. A full report will come at a cost and includes information such as the caller’s current and past addresses, age, relatives, and associates.

You can purchase a single report on PeopleFinders with a one-off payment of $3.95 or subscribe to a membership plan for long-term use of its services. The basic membership costs $24.95 per month, and the premium membership is $29.95.

2. Spokeo

The Spokeo website boasts a database of 130 million property records, 6 billion consumer records, and 600 million court records, among other publicly available data.

You can purchase a reverse search report on the site for $0.95 with a 7-day free membership trial. Spokeo has a one-month membership for $19.95 and a 3-month membership for $14.95 per month, billed as an upfront payment of $44.85 when you sign up.

All reports come with a lifetime update guarantee. This means the reports Spokeo provides will get updated for free as and when its database receives new records related to the respective number.

3. PhoneHistory

PhoneHistory specializes solely in reverse phone lookups and claims to have records of over 500 million US numbers.

It provides a detailed timeline-based history of a phone number, including the full names of its current and previous owners. The personal information you can access ranges from a caller’s age, contact details, and social media profiles to education, professional data, and personal interests. The best part is that all these details are available completely free.

Searching numbers on PhoneHistory is straightforward. It also allows the option to browse phone numbers based on area code.

4. BeenVerified

BeenVerified comes in both a website format and an app for mobile devices. Its reports include contact details, property records, friends and associates, and other data, together with a spam score.

The membership plan is $26.89 per month, which covers 100 reports. While they don’t have the option to purchase a one-off report, there are currently 7-day trial memberships on offer for $1 and $5, with the latter including PDF downloads. If you are unhappy with the search results, BeenVerified also offers a refund policy, according to its website.

Standard searches on the platform take longer than other reverse lookup options on this list. However, BeenVerified promises faster access with its paid subscriptions.

5. US Search

With 25 years in business, US Search has a long history in the reverse lookup service industry. While you can access the registered city, state, and carrier for free on its website, you must sign up for its $19.86 monthly plan to get the full report. This allows unlimited search reports as well as additional records, such as registered sex offender data.

It also has a separate tool for legal professionals—US Search Pro—that provides access to more comprehensive reports with public records.

6. Intelius

Intelius offers straightforward phone number searches with reports covering a range of information, from the owner’s full name, photos, and social media profiles to address history and related persons.

Its reverse phone lookup services are available for $0.95 on a 6-day trial. After that, Intelius charges $34.95 per month for unlimited phone, person, and address reports. This comprehensive subscription plan makes Intelius ideal for those who regularly want to carry out reverse phone, address, and name lookups. There are also additional paid services for downloadable reports and identity protection.

7. Truecaller

If you don’t require in-depth information and only prefer a straightforward identification of a missed call or an incoming one, then Truecaller could be an excellent option for you. It is an app available for Android and Apple devices to search phone numbers and instantly identify calls as you receive them. However, you can also search numbers on its website, although you will need to sign up first.

The information Truecaller provides is limited to a name associated with the number. However, it can also flag spam and scam callers based on millions of users’ feedback. This makes it a valuable tool if you’re concerned about an influx of scam and spam calls and want to identify and block them effectively.


With the rise of phone-based criminal activities, there is a good chance a missed call is part of a scam, spam, or some other illegal or threatening scheme. So, verifying a caller’s identity is essential before calling them back.

The reverse phone lookup websites listed in this article can help you do just that and more. They are all from reputed companies and provide reliable and verified reverse search services to ensure your safety.

Disclaimer: The prices mentioned in this article were accurate and verified at the time of publishing and are subject to change.