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Five Signs You’re in a Healthy Work Environment


Five Signs You’re in a Healthy Work Environment

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If the Great Resignation has taught us anything, it’s that employees are reconsidering what their jobs mean to them. There’s now an increased focus on work-life balance, mental health and job satisfaction – and employers are taking notice. From offering employees the chance to work remotely to increased benefits, employers are now going the extra mile to show that they care about the workforce. Even so, as a new or prospective employee, it can be challenging to tell whether the company is genuinely trying or just paying lip service.

Whether you’ve already signed the dotted line or are just testing the waters with an interview, these signs can help you figure out whether you’re in a healthy workplace.

  • There’s a sense of trust

Trust is a foundational principle for a healthy workplace and its absence can cause things to deteriorate quickly. So, what does trust look like at work? It can take several forms. Maybe your manager trusts you will be productive while you work from home, or your co-worker believes in your ability to delegate without micromanaging. You may feel comfortable voicing doubts and asking questions. All these things contribute to an overall sense of psychological safety.

  • Transparency is part of their principles

No job is perfect a hundred percent of the time, but an employer can still be transparent about possible frustrations and difficulties. A good employer will also be honest and upfront about your career path and what lies ahead. Transparency doesn’t mean you’ll never have doubts, but it does mean that conversations with your manager will leave you with more clarity rather than less.

  • Good benefits are part of the package

Whether it’s free lunches, on-site game rooms, or the option to work remotely, companies are going all out to attract talent these days. Everyone has different priorities, so consider what’s important to you and see if your needs are being met. For parents, this may mean flexible working hours or unlimited PTO. For others, it could mean great life insurance or health insurance options. Good benefits indicate that the company is taking steps to be employee-friendly.

  • Employees have a life outside of work

 These days, good employers recognize that a healthy work-life balance is essential to maintaining productivity and high-quality output. A balanced professional life allows you to meet your responsibilities at work while ensuring you have enough time to spend time with friends and family and fulfill domestic obligations. Work/life balance may not look the same for everyone – but the takeaway here is that you should not be so overwhelmed with work that you have no time or energy for other pursuits. Look for companies that encourage you to take time off or offer resources to help you pursue your hobbies and passions – this shows they prioritize work-life balance.

  • Employees are comfortable voicing their opinions

Debate and discussion are part of a healthy work environment. Employees should feel free to ask questions and make valid critiques. If something feels wrong, employees should feel comfortable raising their hands to say so. An employer worth working for will understand that debate and discussion are essential to helping employees feel invested and keeping the business ahead of the curve.