The Best Social Media Channels for Recruiting Talent in 2021


<strong>The Best Social Media Channels for Recruiting Talent in 2021</strong>

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The world is changing. Social media has changed the way we interact with each other, and it will continue to change how recruiters find talent for their company in 2021. The key to success as a recruiter is understanding where your target audience spends their time online, which social channels are most effective for recruiting talent, and what content should be posted on those channels. This blog post will break down the best social media channels for recruiting talent in 2021!


LinkedIn is the best social media channel for recruiting talent in 2021. It is a business-oriented platform, so it attracts professionals who are serious about their careers and want to share information with peers. LinkedIn users have an average of 12 years of experience in their career field, so they often know which companies are hiring or where opportunities exist within existing organizations just by being part of that professional network.

LinkedIn’s major benefits include its ability to target specific audiences based on location, industry, company size, seniority level and more; the sheer volume of potential candidates due to having more than 700 million total members (and adding two new members every second); as well as access to LinkedIn Groups dedicated specifically towards recruitment activities like Talent Community groups, allowing recruiters direct messaging access to targeted groups.


Facebook has become a staple of daily life for many all across the world. With more than two billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the best social media channels for recruiting talent in 2021. Although it does not have as much business-focused content or professional demographic (which limits its effectiveness), Facebook’s popularity and broad reach make up for these shortcomings because recruiters can post company news, job listings, promotions and other recruitment messages to their ideal audience at no cost .

Facebook also offers advertising opportunities that are extremely valuable when looking to target specific audiences with messaging relevant specifically towards them (something LinkedIn lacks). The ability to create custom ad targeting based on location, demographics, interests and behaviors makes paid ads on this platform worth investing time into if you have the budget.


Twitter is a social media channel for recruiters to use in 2021, but it will not yield as many results as LinkedIn or Facebook due to its limited audience size and engagement capabilities. Twitter has ~ 336 million monthly active users, so while there are plenty of people on this platform, they do not spend much time interacting about jobs and employment with each other compared to other channels. Compared to two billion monthly active users on Facebook and over 500 million members using LinkedIn every month, that makes a big difference! However, some companies including Airbnb and Starbucks have found success posting job listings directly onto their company’s twitter account because these postings get re-shared by fans. Other ways Twitter can be used effectively include sharing original content related specifically to the recruiting industry, such as articles, blog posts and other resources. These can be posted to Twitter by recruiters directly or shared from another source (like a company’s website).


Pinterest is one of the best social media channels for recruiting talent in 2021 because it attracts an audience that companies are actively looking for millennials. This demographic makes up about 35% of Pinterest users , which means they spend significant time on this platform and engage with content relevant specifically towards them . As more and more young professionals choose where they want to work based on their feelings towards a specific company, having something positive pinned onto your brand’s Pinterest board could result in increased interest from job seekers who may not have considered applying before!

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