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The Future of Fitness Apps: An Insider Look at Trainest’s Innovations


The Future of Fitness Apps: An Insider Look at Trainest’s Innovations

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The Future of Fitness Apps An Insider Look at Trainests Innovations 1

In today’s busy world, handling work, family, and social activities all at once can be hard. It often gives us minimal time to focus on our health and fitness. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and think that getting fit is just another hassle on our already overflowing to-do lists.

Trainest recognizes that simplicity is key to making fitness a sustainable and achievable goal for everyone, regardless of their busy schedules or prior experience. 

This idea embodies the future of fitness apps: integrating the four core pillars of fitness into one app and making it simple to navigate so everyone who wishes for a healthier life has technology and innovation to utilize. 

Let’s take a look at Trainest’s take on the four core pillars of fitness and the features they possess. 

First Core Pillar: Nutrition 

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By using Trainest, you can effortlessly monitor your daily calorie intake, ensure a balanced ratio of macronutrients, and track other essential nutritional factors.

Trainest provides an intuitive interface that allows you to easily input your meals and snacks, helping you stay on top of your nutritional goals without the hassle of complicated tracking methods. 

Nutrition Key Features

  • Simplified Food Logging – you can easily track meals by typing the foods in the search bar. Trainest also has an advanced feature that automatically compiles a list of favorites based on past meal entries. Apart from that, you can swiftly select and track multiple foods in one go.
  • Barcode Scanner – this accelerates tracking with accurate and swift scanning capabilities. You can scan barcodes within seconds, significantly reducing the time spent searching or typing product details.
  • Smart Integrations – Trainest can integrate with health-tracking devices to make your fitness journey specific and fit to your lifestyle. By accessing relevant data on your physical activity, the app can give you even more accurate suggestions regarding your nutrition goals.
  • Custom Food and Meals – you can add unique items or recipes to the database with the Custom Foods feature, ensuring precise tracking. You can also save meals that you frequently consume for faster tracking. 
  • Nutrition Calendar – The nutrition calendar allows you to easily view your monthly progress. You can also utilize the Nutrition Calendar to select a specific date and track meals. This helps you to be consistent in tracking even on busy days. 

Second Core Pillar: Check-ins 

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Regular check-ins are important on your fitness journey. By consistently monitoring your progress, you hold yourself accountable and make sure you’re sticking to your goals. Aside from that, it gives you extra motivation to move forward. 

However, switching from different fitness apps just to record your body metrics and progress is not the way to move forward in this industry. 

Fortunately, with Trainest, you can keep tabs on all your progress metrics in one app. Thus, it encourages you to be more consistent with recording your progress and, thus, achieving your fitness goals.

Check-ins Key Features

  • Track weight changes, body composition, and measurements – easily track your overall progress. Other than tracking your weight, you can also record all your body composition and measurements, which provides a more comprehensive understanding of your body’s transformation so you can recognize the complete scope of your progress. 
  • Upload progress photos – take detailed progress pictures of yourself or share them with your trainer if you want to optimize exercising for specific body goals. This allows you to visually track changes in your body composition over time. 
  • Customized check-in schedule – you can set a check-in schedule according to your preferences so you are reminded to input your data on a set date regularly. Trainest’s technology can then create charts and graphs about your progress.
  • Check-in calendar – this calendar allows you to easily track your progress on a monthly basis. You can also utilize this to record your body statistics on a specific date. This helps you to be consistent in tracking even on busy days. 

Third Core Pillar: Workouts

Another vital component of the fitness journey is working out. Workouts are your primary tool for achieving optimal health, fitness, and well-being. 

By incorporating various exercises into your routine, setting clear goals, staying consistent, and listening to your body, your health and fitness goals are more easily achievable. 

Trainest simplifies the process of tracking your workouts with its intuitive interface and seamless functionality. You don’t need to juggle several different apps because everything you need is all in one place. 

Workouts Key Features

  • Simplified workout tracking – you can easily record the exercises you performed during each session and the number of sets, repetitions, and weights lifted. This will allow you to track your progress and modify your routines as necessary.
  • Workout programs – Trainest has a comprehensive library of exercises available within the app, complete with detailed instructions and demonstration videos. You can easily search for specific exercises and access information on proper form and technique to ensure you perform each movement correctly and safely.
  • Personalized coaching plans – you can hire a professional, certified fitness coach within the Trainest marketplace, who will create a workout plan tailored to your unique fitness goals, preferences, and experience level. 
  • Smart integration – Trainest allows you to integrate your wearables to further simplify tracking of your exercises, your completed number of reps and sets, and your heart rate while automatically syncing data about the calories you burn.
  • Workout calendar – this gives you insights on days where you’ve completed your workout, partially completed it, or if you missed your session entirely. With this calendar, you can easily see your workout progress on a monthly basis. You can also utilize this to record your workouts in case you forgot to track them. 

Fourth Core Pillar: Progress

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Progress tracking is a potent tool, allowing us to manage our fitness journey and unleash our maximum potential.

Trainest revolutionizes progress tracking by seamlessly integrating nutrition, workout, and check-in tracking into a dynamic and gamified experience. 

You can easily visualize your journey via comprehensive cards, charts, and graphs, meticulously presenting your progress data. 

Trainest further takes motivation to another level through gamification. Each personal goal achieved unlocks Trainest points, transforming your fitness journey into an engaging game-like adventure.

By combining intuitive tracking features with gamification elements, Trainest redefines progress tracking, making your fitness journey not only measurable but also enjoyable and rewarding.

Progress Key Features

  • Nutrition Chart – Trainest provides a chart for your data to track your nutrition progress easily. This allows you to easily visualize your journey from the very start to your current progress.
  • Workout Chart – besides the nutrition chart, Trainest also provides a chart for your workout progress. You can easily track your progress on different performance and exercise metrics since the beginning of your journey. 
  • Trainest Points – you have the opportunity to accumulate points for your progress, enhancing the overall journey and making it enjoyable and fulfilling. These points can be traded in for physical products or discounts in the Trainest marketplace. 

Trainest is currently in its beta stage, with certain features still under development or not yet listed here. For a comprehensive overview of available features, we encourage you to explore the Trainest website.

Click here to visit the website and discover the functionalities that are ready for use and ones that you should definitely look out for.