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10 Paint By Number Tips Every Paint Lover Must Know


10 Paint By Number Tips Every Paint Lover Must Know

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Are you planning to get a paint by numbers kit? Or better still, you already have one. But, first, I congratulate you for being a part of the league of people constantly connecting with their inner child.

Contrary to popular opinion, paint by number kit is not exclusive to children. Adults can use it to relax, relieve anxiety and even practice patience to help them in other areas of their lives.

However, it would help if you had a trick or two up your sleeves to get the right results.

10 Tips For Painting By Numbers

1.   Clean Your Brushes With Lukewarm Water

Once you’ve purchased customized paint by numbers kits, you’ll find professional brushes. After painting one color, use lukewarm water to clean your brushes to create a cleaner look. You can also consider using a wet towel; it also works.

2.   Paint The Small Areas First

As a beginner, painting by numbers might seem like a daunting task. However, starting from the small areas will make it less overwhelming and more fun. It would help if you started with dark colors to create a unique effect.

3.  Paint Colours With the Same Number At Once

When you paint the same number at once, it saves you time washing the paintbrush repeatedly. As a result, you can become more efficient at what you do without any stress. This tip makes your painting uniform.

4.  Start At The Top

Smudging is the enemy of great painting. To avoid that, you should start at the tip. Then, you can gradually move downwards to ensure that it remains neat. If you’re right-handed, starting from the left corner will work best. However, for left-handed people, you should begin with the right to minimize the possibility of smudging.

5.  Use A Toothpick For Small Areas

This hack seems out of the box, but it works perfectly. There are always areas that are difficult to reach because they’re minimal. Also, using a paintbrush can affect the overall look, so improvising with a toothpick can be a lifesaver.

6.   Paint Lightly

It’s always better to have less paint in an area than to have it too thick. Although some areas require multiple layers because the paint is sometimes transparent, it is still safer to paint lightly.

7.  Choose An Appropriate Location

To achieve excellent painting, the right location is everything. First, you need a place with lots of space to help your creative side come alive. Also, it would help if you kept the area clean to avoid stains and dirt on your work.

8.  Use Water To Make Paint Thin

Mixing your paint with water will not destroy it. Most paints that come with your Van Gogh Paint by number kits are acrylic and are made with water. The coolest effects come from using thin paint, which also helps it last longer.

9.  Cover the Numbers

You want to create a painting that looks different from one by numbers. The secret to achieving a realistic look for your picture is to do an excellent job of covering up the numbers. Using an extra layer can help you cover it or a white pencil.

10. Take Breaks

Resist the urge to get it all figured out in one day. Remember that the best works of art take time; ask Leonardo da Vinci. Take intermittent breaks to regain your flow and remain fresh.

What Are You Waiting For? Start Painting

These tips will guide you through creating exceptional designs with ease. In addition, you enjoy true satisfaction and delight from using a paint by number technique for painting.