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The top 3 UK cities for tech workers outside of London


The top 3 UK cities for tech workers outside of London

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Big Ben and Westminster Bridge at sunset, London, UK

Those looking to start their tech career in the UK are in luck. According to Dealroom for the Digital Economy Council, the country is the highest-rated tech hub in Europe and ranked third in the world behind the USA and China.

From the number of high-growth tech companies and a forward-thinking approach to tech regulation, to high pay and a vast array of ways to find jobs — including dedicated tech job sites in fields like SAP and AI, and specialised tech career fairs — there are so many reasons to look for a tech role in the UK.

However, while most naturally gravitate towards London, not everybody can, or is willing, to work in the capital. So we’ve come up with some alternatives — all of which are great options in their own right. Here are three of the best UK cities for tech workers outside of London.

1.    Manchester

The so-called capital of the north, Manchester may be best known for its thriving music scene and successful sports teams, but it’s also a flourishing tech hub boasting myriad opportunities for those in the tech industry.

Named the UK’s top regional “tech city” by the UK Tech Cities report, Manchester has attracted significant tech investment owing to factors like its incredible transport links, access to talent and low living costs. This has largely been sparked by the BBC moving to the city in 2011, something that triggered a growth in the number of Manchester-based digital and creative companies by 70%, more than doubling the number of jobs in those sectors in the process.

2.    Edinburgh

Even further north, the Scottish capital Edinburgh is also home to a thriving tech scene. This is thanks in large part to it being home to the UK’s largest tech incubator Codebase, which boasts over 90 companies that have collectively raised almost half a billion pounds in investment.

In addition, Edinburgh has a start-up and scale-up ecosystem of more than 500 companies, and has seen a 31% growth in tech employment since 2018. Indeed, over a third of jobs posted there are tech roles. All of this makes it little wonder that Edinburgh has been touted as the UK’s next big technology hub.

3.    Cambridge

Turning our attention further south, the renowned university town of Cambridge is perfect for those that still want to live in the south of the UK but away from the hustle and bustle of London.

According to Tech Nation’s 2021 report, Cambridge-based businesses received $5.3 billion worth of investment in the previous year, which was the eighth highest in the world and second only to London in the UK.

In addition to this, numerous tech giants have set up bases in the city, including the likes of Apple and Microsoft. With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that the demand for tech workers in Cambridge has grown, and the average salary figures for tech roles in the city have also soared in recent times. As an alternative to London, there are truly few cities better for tech workers.

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