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Looking for a Used Car in Tasmania? Here Are the Few Best Options for You


Looking for a Used Car in Tasmania? Here Are the Few Best Options for You

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The demand for buying a used car is rising in Tasmania. This is due to the ongoing trend of a large number of people shifting their choice from buying high-cost brand-new cars to used ones. No wonder the used car markets dotting all across Tasmania currently are buoyant.

In doing so, they save a lot of money yet get the same benefit they would from buying new ones.

This shifting trend in car buying is happening as the economic condition of a large number of buyers has deteriorated following the long spells of the outbreak of COVID-19. 

As their real income has shrunk considerably over the last three years of the pandemic period and ensuing economic downturns, they cannot afford to dish out large sums of money required to buy a new car. 

Buying a used car has become the new norm these days. So if you are wondering when is the right time to buy a second-hand car, do it now.

According to a report, there has been a constant drop in the prices of second-hand cars since July last year.

It’s the best time to take a look at some of the best-used cars and pick the best one for you at a comparatively lower price.

Here are the top car segments to watch out for in the used vehicle markets!

Sedan: In the automobile market, Sedan commands great attraction as it is a matter of car heritage and tradition continuing for decades.

No wonder driving a Sedan car, whether brand new or used, is a matter of social prestige. However, in the used cars Tasmania market, you can get a fully-functional Sedan at the most affordable price.

You can buy a 2021 KIA STINGER GT CK MY21 or a 2017 HOLDEN CALAIS DIRECTOR VF SERIES II MY17 as per your choice.

SUV: A Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) can give you a large number of utilities, whether they are just out-of-the-showroom new ones or used ones.

It has enough space to keep your luggage and space for accommodating a larger number of people than other vehicles.

When it comes to the SUV segment, the 2018 VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 162TSI HIGHLINE 5N MY18 FOUR WHEEL DRIVE and 2014 BMW X5 XDRIVE40D F15 4X4 CONSTANT can be good options for you.

Hatchback: A used Hatchback can be brilliant. It can also accommodate your luggage, besides providing comfortable seating spaces.

A used Hatchback can serve you as a family car. It commands great demand because of its glossy body and looks. Go for the 2019 KIA CERATO SPORT BD MY20 or 2022 MG MG3 CORE MY22 in this segment.

Van: A used van can greatly benefit you as your family can easily accommodate it. This type of family vehicle is ideal when you go on a long trip with all your family members. Also, don’t forget that the outer body of a used van is far more durable and stronger than other luxury used cars.

Two of the best-selling used vans are the 2021 VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER 35 TDI410 SY1 MY21 FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE and the 2020 FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM 320S SPORT VN MY21.     

In Conclusion

The current upward-moving demand curve for used cars in Tasmania can be understood by the fact that between December 2021 and January 2022, the used car demand rose by over 6%. At the beginning of February 2022, this demand rose by an additional 1.7%.

It proves that users are now more inclined to buy used cars than new ones. This scenario is likely to continue in the forthcoming months too. The new auto market is yet to recover from the recessionary trend caused by the pandemic fully. It resulted in a rise in the prices of new cars.

Subsequently, the choice of auto buyers shifted to used cars, which were far less costly yet served the same purpose of mobility. You shouldn’t forget that with the price of a new car, you can easily buy a few high-functional cars.

Moreover, used cars are time-tested. And fortunately, if you know the owner, you can get vital driving and maintenance tips from them. Thus, it makes sense to buy used cars at an affordable rate instead of bringing home a new car by burning a hole in your pocket!