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The Roles and Responsibilities of a Victims’ Rights Lawyer


The Roles and Responsibilities of a Victims’ Rights Lawyer

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A victim’s rights lawyer is a legal expert who helps in protecting and defending the rights of the victims of crimes. These lawyers are also referred to as the victim’s rights advocates. The victims’ rights lawyer supports victims and strives to get their clients the justice and compensation they deserve. The lawyer will guide the victim through the processes involved in the criminal justice system and, at the same time, ensure their voice and perspective are heard. During the whole process, the advocate acts as a link between the victim and the prosecution. Contact a victims’ rights lawyer at The Levin Injury Firm to know your rights and how to protect them.

Before choosing a victim’s lawyer to fight your case, you must look out for a couple of things. You must know about some of the following roles and responsibilities of a victims’ rights lawyer;

Educating the Victims

The prime responsibility of a victims’ rights lawyer is to educate the victims about their rights. The victims’ rights lawyer also explains the court processes, legal issues, local laws, and roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in the criminal justice process. Victim’s rights attorneys also make it a priority to inform their clients of their choices and assist them in making decisions that will benefit their case.

Fair and Equal Treatment

The victims’ rights lawyers ensure that the person they are representing in court is treated fairly and equally by the criminal justice system. They accompany their clients to the court, notify them of the upcoming processes and hearing dates, and assist in filing claims for compensation.

Protect the Victims

Victims’ rights lawyers also make it a priority to protect the victims from additional harm as the case progresses in court. There is a potential for self-harm due to the pressure and stress of the case. Additionally, the victim might be harassed or physically assaulted by the defending party as the case nears its conclusion. A lawyer can help get a restraining order in such cases. They will also seek professional help for the victim if they think the plaintiff might do self-harm.  

Legal Protection

Helping their clients through the legal process is one of the main things that victims’ rights lawyers do. For instance, they help them file police reports and lawsuits to recover their financial and non-financial losses.

Collaborate With Other Parties

Victims’ rights lawyers can also collaborate with policymakers to develop and support legislation that strengthens laws and regulations, or they might promote changes to the criminal justice system to guarantee that victims are handled more equitably and respectfully. They may collaborate with other experts, such as healthcare practitioners and social workers, to ensure that the victims get the help and support they need.

Victims’ rights lawyers make efforts to ensure the victim gets proper justice. They take a strong position to defend the rights of the victims and constantly seek ways to improve the criminal justice system so that the innocents get the justice they deserve. Victims’ rights lawyers not only help the victims with their legal problems but also help them feel better during and after the legal proceedings.