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Things To Consider When Choosing To Become A Volunteer


Things To Consider When Choosing To Become A Volunteer

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There are a lot of issues in our troubled world that need people of good heart to invest their time in with the hopes of making a difference and instituting positive change. If you are someone who feels that you want to pitch in and do something, that’s wonderful, and we are here to encourage you!

We Australians care about the things happening here and around the world a great deal, we are a people with a lot of heart, just take a look at community services standards in Australia to get an idea of the importance this has to our national identity. There are so many pressing issues that need volunteers badly that it’s difficult to know where to start! Before you jump in, take a moment to consider the following advice, designed to help our future volunteers focus their goodwill where it will do them, and their cause, the most good:

What issues are important to you? Take a moment to do some soul-searching and think about the things you feel the most strongly about. Once you have narrowed it down to a few key issues, look at what organizations devoted to them are doing, and consider how you might join them to make a difference.

What skills can you offer? Do you have a set of skills that could be useful to a volunteer organization that you have acquired from your education and life experiences? For example, do you love working with animals? What about the elderly or children? What do you envision yourself doing to be of service to any of these potential causes that might incorporate your unique skills, interests, or even hobbies? Volunteer agencies are often looking for people who know how to do things like operate certain equipment, or who have technical expertise with things like computers. You might bring a skill to the table from your past work experience, or be studying a new skill that could be practised as a volunteer. Taking a good look at what you can do, and enjoy doing, is a good place to start choosing where your volunteer efforts should be applied.

Are you interested in learning new things? Suppose that you have always wanted to learn about journalism. Most volunteer organisations publish a newsletter or other informational texts, and you could practise your writing skills working on those! If you have an interest in advertising, you could help with the production of promotional materials, a very important aspect of any volunteer organisation being the need to get the word out to the public in a way that attracts attention. Do you love getting groups of people together and want to try your hand at event organising? Then help plan and put on a community festival that fundraises for your cause, a wonderful way to make more people aware of what your group is trying to accomplish!

Do you have the ability to make a time commitment? We all lead busy lives, so you have to ask yourself if you can really commit any time you promise so that you won’t disappoint your organisation or yourself. Be realistic, you can start by considering the things you are already dedicated to, family, friends, school, your job, and make sure you aren’t spreading yourself too thin! It’s better that you give your volunteer efforts quality time over quantity, and be fresh and ready to go to work for them without having it be too great a drain on your personal health and well-being.

Check the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services website for more advice and information. We hope this informs and inspires you to volunteer in a way that will bring you personal growth as well as help the causes you champion. Thanks for volunteering!