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Where to Watch Mean Girls 2024: Showtimes & Streaming Status


Where to Watch Mean Girls 2024: Showtimes & Streaming Status

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Get ready to revisit the iconic high school drama with a modern twist! The 2024 musical adaptation of Mean Girls has arrived, offering audiences a fresh take on the beloved story of Cady Heron and the Plastics. But where can you catch this exciting new rendition of the cult classic? Let’s dive into the details.

Mean Girls Released in Theaters On January 12, 2024

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Paramount Pictures kicked off the Mean Girls extravaganza with a theatrical release on January 12, 2024. Fans eagerly flocked to theatres to experience the magic of Mean Girls on the big screen once again. Additionally, special “We Wear Pink” preview showings were held on Wednesday night, adding to the excitement surrounding the film’s release.

Streaming Release on Paramount+

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For those who prefer to enjoy movies from the comfort of their own homes, Paramount+ has you covered. Mean Girls 2024 became available for streaming on Paramount+ starting March 5, 2024. This streaming release marks the studio’s commitment to providing viewers with access to their favourite films on-demand.

Mean Girls 2024 Showtimes Also Available On PVOD

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Can’t wait to watch Mean Girls but don’t have a Paramount+ subscription? No problem! Paramount has made the film available for digital rental or purchase on most major PVOD platforms. Starting February 20, 2024, audiences could rent or buy Mean Girls digitally for their viewing pleasure.

Where to Buy or Rent Mean Girls on Digital Platforms?

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If you’re ready to dive into the world of Mean Girls from the comfort of your own home, here’s where you can find it on digital platforms:

Apple TV+: Rent or buy Mean Girls on Apple TV+ and enjoy the film on your Apple devices.

Prime Video: Head to Prime Video to rent or buy Mean Girls and stream it on your Amazon devices.

Google Play: Rent or buy Mean Girls on Google Play and watch it on your Android devices.

YouTube: Visit YouTube to rent or buy Mean Girls and enjoy it on various platforms.

Vudu: Rent or buy Mean Girls on Vudu and stream it on your preferred devices.

Microsoft: Rent or buy Mean Girls on Microsoft and watch it on your Xbox or Windows devices.

Where to Watch Mean Girls 2024?

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Whether you prefer the immersive experience of the theatre or the convenience of streaming from home, Mean Girls 2024 offers something for everyone. From its theatrical release to its availability on Paramount+ and PVOD platforms, there are plenty of options for catching this modern musical adaptation. So grab your popcorn, gather your friends, and get ready to relive the drama, comedy, and iconic moments of Mean Girls in 2024!