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5 Important Things You Must Know About Credentials Evaluation


5 Important Things You Must Know About Credentials Evaluation

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Are you planning to migrate to the United States for further studies? You have made the right choice as the quality of education and the opportunities of research in the United States are unmatched in the world. But at the same time you also need to be aware of the level of competition in terms of admissions to these prestigious institutions. One of the prerequisites to securing admissions to these institutions is to get your credentials evaluated. The top educational institutions in the United States aren’t likely to entertain your application if you submit it without getting your credentials evaluated. 

What is Credentials Evaluation?               
This evaluation is a process of converting educational credentials from different countries in the world into their U.S. equivalents. This is important as foreign students applying for courses in the United States come from diverse education systems and credential evaluations create a level playing field for students. It is also important to keep in mind that many students come with degrees which are in different languages and these aren’t admissible in US institutions in their original form and these evaluation services often come with translation copies. This is the first step to applying for admissions in the United States.

The process is similar to currency exchange where in the credentials earned in one part of the world is converted into US equivalent. Agencies offering credential evaluation service evaluate all degrees, certificates and diplomas earned in different colleges and universities around the world and bring it at par the academic equivalency in the United States.Now that you know what credentials evaluation is  and its importance let us take  you through five important things that you need to know before you get your credentials evaluated –

  • You can’t do without Credential Evaluation Service       
    If you are a foreign student and wish to join a US College or University or planning to apply for a job you will need to get your credentials evaluated. As we have mentioned above you will need to submit evaluated reports on your degrees, certificates and diplomas to secure admissions.
    While there are people who attempt to bypass credential evaluation service and they have to pay a heavy price in terms of inability to secure admissions into courses of their choice. You may have come across free software that promises to evaluate your credentials in real time. But these are still years away from doing what evaluators do and in most cases software-only evaluations aren’t accepted by the institutions.      

  • Waste no time in getting your credentials evaluated    
    You don’t have the luxury of time when it comes to getting your credentials evaluated. Several aspiring students wait for too long to get their credentials evaluated and this  often results in losing out on the chance of securing admissions into the top US colleges and universities. It is important for you to bear in mind that the level of competition to secure admissions in US colleges and universities is unmatched and hence you should waste no time and get your credentials evaluated by a reputable agency as soon as you plan to seek admission in US. Most agencies have a turnaround time of minimum 5 business days and hence you can’t wait for the last moment to get your documents evaluated.        During the busy admission season this turnaround time can go further up and hence you need to be an early starter.
  • Know what type of report you need      
    This is one of the mistakes students make when it comes to getting their documents evaluated. Before you order for reports from a credentials evaluation service provider you need to get in touch with the institutions you are planning to apply to and know what kind of evaluation report you need to submit with your application. The most common types of evaluation report include Document Reports that evaluate the specific classes you attended and the grades you secured. For admissions to specialized courses you’d need Course Reports or course by course report. These reports delve deep into the subject matter and also evaluate your grades and credits. Here as well you will have to choose between High School, Post-Secondary and High School + Post-Secondary Course Reports.
  • The process is uncomplicated   
    Many students have a vague idea about getting their credentials evaluated and contradicting information available online often creates doubts in the minds of students looking for credential evaluation services. Thanks to the use of technology this process is easy and all you need to do is choose a credentials evaluation service provider and upload all your documents on their platform. These agencies then  verify your credentials, create a custom report and deliver it to you over email.  You can use the soft copies of these reports while applying for the different programs.
  • It doesn’t guarantee you admissions     
    Credential evaluation service providers play only an intermediary role in bringing your credentials to US equivalency and do not guarantee you admissions to the top institutions.  Admission process is independent of the evaluation process and it is your merit, the level of research work that you have engaged in and the competition that would decide upon your success. There are dubious agencies that promise admissions based on their credential evaluation service and you need to stay away from them. Many students have been duped in the past and you should always do a background check on an agency before using their services.             

To conclude, you can clearly see the importance of getting your credentials evaluated before you apply for admission into US Colleges and Universities. There are dozens of agencies that offer credential evaluation service and you need to be choosy in finding the right agency. As a thumb rule you need to choose an agency recognized by the United States Department of Education as credentials evaluated by other agencies aren’t often recognized by these institutions. While there are some agencies that offer credential evaluation service at throwaway rates, you shouldn’t cut corners and jeopardize your chances of securing admission into a college of your choice.

Summary: In this write-up we look at five important things you must know about credential evaluation while apply for courses in the United States.

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