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5 Reasons why MSPs should offer Esignature to Businesses


5 Reasons why MSPs should offer Esignature to Businesses

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Managed service providers find there are many benefits associated with offering eSignatures. Federal regulations continue to increase, and many industries find it hard to keep up. With the help of digital signatures, companies can comply with these regulations and become free of overwhelming paperwork. What benefits come with choosing this option? 

Control Costs

With esignatures for MSPs, a company can keep costs under control. The white-label provider eliminates the need to hire and train additional employees to carry out this task, and the company can scale the managed services as needed. In addition, using digital signatures minimizes the need to keep hard copies of documents, so the business saves money on overhead. They won’t need to store these documents, as they are stored electronically and can be accessed as needed. 

Maintained Focus

To grow their organizations, business owners should focus on those tasks they know best how to do. When they must learn what devices to buy or how to manage their IT structure, they have less time to complete those tasks. The managed services provider takes over IT tasks, so business owners have more time. However, the business owner still remains informed when it comes to potential problems. This allows them to take action quickly. 

When a company uses eSignatures, nobody needs to monitor who opens, signs, or approves a document manually. This information remains stored in the system, and interested parties can track the document through each stage of the process. Furthermore, as the company store the documents electronically, this frees up space for items that will help grow the business. 

Risk Management

A company offering digital signature solutions benefits from the Public Key Infrastructure protocol. This protocol assigns two keys or numbers to a signature. The private key allows the user to sign and encrypt the document. They then send this document to the intended recipient along with a public key. The two keys must match or the signature cannot be decrypted. This measure ensures the person signing the document is authorized to do so. 

Better Customer Service

Customers no longer need to wait to access services when they use a digital signature. For example, when completing an application, the customer can sign electronically. This allows the person on the other end to make a decision, oftentimes in a matter of minutes. The customer won’t be waiting for an answer, as the approval or denial may also be sent electronically.

Furthermore, both parties can easily track documents when this option is selected and feel confident knowing personal information remains secure. Finally, using eSignatures minimizes human error, so the customer is less likely to have problems in the future. Excellent customer service can take a business further than anyone could have imagined, so make this a priority today. 

Improved Performance

The global pandemic showed the need for businesses to adapt quickly to changing conditions. Digital workflows allow for greater efficiency. In addition, businesses find they can connect with new customers by offering a digital onboarding process complete with eSignatures.

Consumers love the ease with which they can interact with businesses without leaving their homes. They can now use this technology to open a bank account, get a fishing license in Oklahoma, and do countless other things. Contract turnaround times decrease significantly when electronic signatures are used. 

Consider working with a managed services provider today to implement eSignatures. The return on investment far outweighs the cost, particularly when it comes to customer satisfaction. Any edge a company gets over competitors is beneficial, and this is an easy way to gain an advantage. Try it today to see great results quickly.