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6 Types of Distracted Driving That Can Lead to Grave Accidents


6 Types of Distracted Driving That Can Lead to Grave Accidents

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Distracted Driving

Every single day, cars are suffering accidents that happen because of distraction. These accidents injure and kill hundreds of people daily. On the other hand, many drivers claim they could have avoided these accidents due to a few seconds of distractions. There are many different forms of distracted driving that everyone must know if they want to avoid these kinds of accidents. The Chicago car accident attorney states some conditions of the distracted cause of accidents.

1. Visual Distracted Driving

For some reason, the driver may take his eyes off the road. This can be anything from checking your car’s speedometer, changing music tracks, or having a phone conversation. The event may take a short while, but the result is always catastrophic.

2. Cognitive Distracted Driving

Driving without thinking is dangerous as well as illegal. The driver might be distracted by other things that can take him off the road. This includes thinking of something else while travelling, jolting a passenger, or using a smartphone while driving. These are all punishable offenses by law. This part of distracted driving is common among new drivers with limited experience on the road. However, these things can lead to fatal accidents as well.

3. Muscular Distracted Driving

The driver may move or change his body due to distraction. The body movements can include touching various parts of the steering wheel, talking to passengers, or even reaching for your cup of tea. These all affect the person behind the wheel and also affect other motorists’ driving abilities. The result is always disastrous since one part of your body will not be in sync with the rest of you.

4. Emotional Distracted Driving

Emotional distractions can lead to accidents when it interferes with essential driving functions. Taking your eyes off the road for a few moments to cry, laugh or tell jokes can result in accidents. Emotional distractions have more of an impact on driving than any other cause of accidents. While emotions are important, they must be controlled while driving.

5. Verbal Distracted Driving

Verbal distractions include talking to another person while driving, arguing with someone, or even reprimanding children in the back seat. These forms of distraction can result in severe injuries and death accidents and must be avoided at all costs. You can work to minimize the distraction by not engaging in conversations while driving.

6. Manual Distracted Driving

While it is true that a driver should be able to do several things with one hand on the wheel, it is not recommended for him to do this all the time. Some drivers get too comfortable with doing various things on the wheel. They are alright, even on a sharp curve or taking a hill with their eyes closed.

The Aftermath

While accidents may be inevitable sometimes, the number of accidents could be reduced if drivers could avoid distractions. It is also important to find an experienced car accident lawyer because an attorney will help you get the compensation you deserve and discuss the aftermath of an accident and check for any property damage and injuries you may have sustained. The lawyer will also mediate between you and the person liable for the accident.