“Burger and a Grape Snow Cone”: What Does It Actually Mean? 


 “Burger and a Grape Snow Cone”: What Does It Actually Mean? 

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Do you know the “burger and a grape snow cone” meaning? Most people don’t know that it is actually a slang phrase used for a sexual act. Alan Jackson first used in his hit song “Chattahooche.”.

After having a quick glance over the phrase, some readers may think that we will share some unique, delicious burger recipes or snow cone tutorials. However, the post is not about your favorite gastronomical fare.

TikTok Revived Old Song

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Now after you have read the introduction, curiosity has certainly built up to know what the slang actually means. The expression became popular after a 90s’ song went viral on TikTok.

Keep on reading till the end to find out the meaning of the cryptic phrase.  

Have You Heard Chattahoochee?

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Alan Jackson’s song Chattahoochee became a huge hit in 1992. We do think that many of our readers have heard the song. The chart-buster song was not innocent at all. In other words, the song conveyed some sexual messages.

The lyrics depict a timeline when the singer used to hang out with a damsel near the Chattahoochee River. The river flows through Georgia.

However, the more you hear the song, the more you will fall in love with its beautiful and seemingly innocent lines. At the same time, you will become aware that some lines of the lyrics make no sense. In fact, some parts might be metaphors for something else.

TikTok creator @abbyannemiller revived the song in 2021. She realized that it conveyed a meaning different from what she used to think about in her childhood.

There are still many people who are yet to hear it and even if they have heard it, they are not aware of the meaning of the lyrics.

What Does It Mean?

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Enough of beating about the bush, now let us come to brash tacks! According to Urban Dictionary, a burger and a grape snow cone is a euphemism for oral sex and even the 69 position. The grape snow cone stands for a penis and the burger describes a vagina.

The grape flavour was carefully chosen to describe the purple color head of an erect penis. Whereas burgers are for consumption, snow cones are usually licked.

Now, let us take a quick look at some erotic lines from “Chattahoochee”. These lines say, “Well we fogged up the windows in my old Chevy / I was willing but she wasn’t ready / So I settled for a burger and a grape snow cone / Dropped her off early but I didn’t go home.”

The meaning is he wanted to consummate his relationship with her girlfriend but she did not agree and so they had only oral sex.

There is another phrase “Hoochie Coochie” in the song. The expression represents the genitals of an intoxicated woman, according to Urban Dictionary. The first two lines of the song are: “Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee / It gets hotter than a hoochie coochie.” Alan compared the temperature down by the river to a drunk woman’s vagina.

Alan, in a mood to clear confusion, says, “We laid rubber on the Georgia asphalt / We got a little crazy but we never got caught.” One can easily understand that it was not about a construction project.

Where is Alan Jackson Now?

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The country artist released a new album “Where Have You Gone” in May, 2021. In September of the same year, the singer went public to disclose his struggle with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease for nearly a decade.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease refers to a group of disorders that damage nerves and as well as one’s ability to keep balance and move.

Summary:  This blog sheds light on the erotic meaning conveyed through the phrase “a burger and a grape snow cone. Read the post to know the sexual message hidden in the phrase.