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CBD Vape Juice Buyer’s Guide


CBD Vape Juice Buyer’s Guide

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Things changed for the better when the Farm Bill was passed in 2018. The passage of this special bill meant that the federal government will no longer consider hemp as an illegal substance. That’s the reason why Americans irrespective of their gender, age, and ethnicity, have started to reap the medicinal benefits of cannabis. 

Companies that manufacture medicinal products using different natural ingredients, on the other hand, have shifted their focus on CBD or cannabidiol. For your information, CBD is a natural compound present in cannabis and is the main reason behind the medicinal properties of hemp. 

With so many CBD-based products available on the market, buyers often find it extremely difficult to pick the one that will meet their needs aptly. In this write-up, we have come up with tips that will assist you to choose the best CBD vape juice. The section below lists the kind of information you should look for before you buy a CBD e-liquid. 

Origin of the Plant and the Part of the Plant CBD Has Been Extracted from 

The quality of CBD depends on the quality of the soil the cannabis plant grew on. If the plant grew on high-quality soil you can expect the CBD e-liquid to be devoid of contaminants like heavy metals and pollutants. 

The soil’s quality also has a strong impact on the quantity of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol present in the CBD extract. For your information, THC is a compound found in cannabis plants that causes intoxication. 

Individuals who vape CBD to get rid of various health issues don’t want the CBD products to contain high levels of THC. If your CBD vape oil is made using CBD sourced from cannabis plants that grew on high-quality soil, you are on the right track. The product is unlikely to contain more than 0.3% of THC, which is the legally permissible quantity and doesn’t make users high. 

The Process of CBD Extraction 

The extraction of cannabidiol or CBD can occur in numerous ways. However, the quality and purity of CBD yielded through these methods vary significantly. The process that’s believed to be the best is supercritical CO2 extraction. During the procedure, CBD is isolated, preserved, and maintained using carbon dioxide (CO2) under high pressure. As supercritical CO2 extraction is an expensive procedure, the CBD extracted with this method is typically quite pricey. You should still go ahead and buy these expensive CBD products if you are looking to use a vape juice that contains CBD isolate. 

Here’s a word of caution for you. A vape oil that includes CBD isolate will make you miss out on several ingredients that can increase the health benefits of CBD vaping. These include some other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The extraction method that will come up with a solution that includes all the above compounds is full-spectrum extraction. This procedure involves the extraction of CBD vape oil from all parts of the hemp plant.  

If you are wondering whether the full spectrum extraction method will result in presence of THC in the vape juice, rest assured. The quantity of THC will not be more than 0.3% if you are buying the product created by a reputable company. Such a low quantity of THC will enhance the efficacy of CBD vape oil but will never leave you intoxicated.  

Laboratory Accreditations 

The CBD vaping juice you purchase must undergo tests at accredited laboratories. This is important as right now the FDA doesn’t have any regulations set for CBD products. Experts at third party labs test CBD products to verify the strength of terpenes and cannabinoids. Additionally, they carry out tests to ensure that the products are safe for human consumption. Any product that contains harsh chemicals or pesticides fails to get accreditation.  

Ingredients’ List 

Never buy your CBD vape oil without reading through its ingredients’ list. You must do so even when you compare different products in the same category. It’s okay to opt for vape juices that contain artificial flavors and colors. However, make sure that the manufacturer has used coloring and flavoring agents that are not harmful. 

The Concentration of the Vape Juice 

You will come across CBD vape oils in different concentrations. The concentration of CBD in e-liquids is typically mentioned in milligram. There are products with concentrations of 250 mg, 500 mg, 1,000 mg, and even more than that. Some manufacturers also mention concentration of vape juices in percentage i.e. 5%, 15%, or 20% CBD. You will have to adjust your dosage depending on the concentration of the product you have purchased. Disposable vape pens are the most popular product in the vaping community, since it’s very convenient to carry and use them in public. With Bonata CBD vapes you’ll even get around 200 puffs, which is quite a number compared to other disposable vapes. Vapes come with a wide variety of exotic juice flavours and the good thing is they’re 100% organic, without GMO and lab tested.

Vaping CBD makes adjustment of dosages extremely easy. As a beginner, you must start with the minimum dose and if it doesn’t show any favorable results within an hour, you can take another dose of the vape juice. For your information, most companies sell CBD vape juices in 30 ml bottles.

Price of the Product 

Never commit the mistake of buying the cheapest CBD vape oil available at a store. Such products contain more impurities than the actual ingredient i.e. CBD. If you use those products you might get high instead of getting rid of your pain, stress, and depression. This happens because the cheap CBD vape juices often don’t contain enough CBD and the THC levels in them are usually more than 0.3%. Ideally, you should look for products that are moderately priced and contain high levels of CBD. 

Final Words 

To conclude, we would like to suggest that beginners should start their journey with a CBD vape kit. These kits contain everything one may need to enjoy vaping. Most reputable stores have a collection of vaping kits. Even if you are not a newbie, you can buy a kit. That’s because these kits often come with vape juices in several flavors and colors. Therefore, you will have the option to change your taste from time to time. 

Read reviews and customer feedback to ensure that the store you want to buy the CBD products from, enjoys a good reputation among existing users.