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Karmma Calling Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Budget, & Review


Karmma Calling Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Budget, & Review

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“Karmma Calling Season 2” is the upcoming season of the Raveena Tandon-starring popular series. The first series was brilliantly made and released on January 26, 2024. The series has an ensemble cast including Raveena Tandon, Varun Sood, Namrata Sheth, Rohit Roy, Vikramjeeet Virk, Waluscha De Sousa and Gourav Sharma in important roles.

Directed by Ruchi Narain, the series is adapted from the hit American drama “Revenge” produced from 2011 to 2015 by ABC Signature, a Disney Television Studios division.  Disney+ Hotstar got the exclusive right to air the series on January 26, 2024.

Karmma Calling Release Date

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The release date of Karmma Calling Season 2 is yet to be announced. However, it is highly likely to be announced in the near future. The first season was a big hit and left many questions unanswered, paving for theories to come up about continuation of the story. Will the next season reveal Karma’s true identity? What about her relationships with Vedang and Ahaan as she is hell-bent on seeking revenge?

Many fans are curious to know about what will happen to main characters and about solutions to cliffhangers. Karma may forge new alliances and get into confrontations to fulfil her goals. Social media has erupted into discussion about expectations and speculations and it clearly indicates that fans are heavily interested in the story’s continuation, suggesting that the next season of Karmma Calling is likely to come up.   

Karmma Calling Web Series Cast

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  • Raveena Tandon as Indrani Kothari
  • Varun Sood as Ahaan Kothari
  • Namrata Sheth as Karma Talwar
  • Viraf Patel as Zane Khan
  • Vikramjeet Virk as Sameer
  • Rohit Roy as Satyajeet
  • Piyush Khati
  • Amy Aela as Yana
  • Gaurav Sharma

Karmma Calling Budget

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According to certain sources, the estimated budget of the series is about Rs 5-10 crore. However, no official confirmation is available in this regard. KNL will try to gather more information on it and keep updating the article according to the details pouring in.

Karmma Plot

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A murder takes place on the beach. The incident gives a blow to the swish set of Alibaug that is deeply ensconced in its self-obsessed inertia. The seven-part Hotstar Specials series serves as both preamble and probable final action of Karmma Calling, with the preface dropping hints for the rich, morally bankrupt residents of the seaside ghetto. 

A revengeful young woman is looking for its prey. Her prime target is a 90s’ Bollywood star and her family. The stubborn matriarch can find ways to protect her turf. However, her personal life is not smooth sailing. Her husband strays and she is not on good terms with her children.  

As the story progresses, dark secrets come tumbling out, pent-up emotions erupting, audiences being taken through the neighbourhood that reeks of extra-marital affair, hints of crass conspiracies, fake friendships coming to the fore and blatant betrayals raising ugly heads. With time ticking, the evil forces find it difficult to retain the carefully constructed façade. As the story progresses, layers of conspiracies come out and the plot gets momentum.

The story moves back and forth to present the context for the revenge. However, the series fails to lift itself off by-the-numbers approach to a story that is not unique in texture.

Each episode has the vengeful girl staying focused on a group of individuals, who wronged her and her honest father, and went Scot-free. The girl is now back to take revenge on the wrongdoers.

The unyielding lady has meticulous planning. She catches her victims unguarded and achieves her goals. The series, despite plenty of twists and turns, fails short of becoming an edge-of-the-seat humdinger.

Karmma Calling Review


Raveena Tandon, in her second web series Karmma Calling, plays a pivotal role. Unfortunately, the actress finds little support from her colleague. In fact, too much burden on her shoulder to carry the series forward bogs her down.

‘Karmma Calling’ dishes out a cold and oft-repeated kind of revenge. The rich people, with their glamorous lifestyle in picture-perfect settings are overly stupor, if not dumb and dull. However, that is not to suggest that the story trudges along. In fact, there are sprinkles of lively elements throughout the show, with some moments being truly impactful. However, good moments are short-lived and a few and far between.

The key man goes missing, leading to the disruption of the engagement party. Later he was found dead on a beach. The series goes back six months earlier when Karma Talwar rents and buys an Alibang bungalow next to Kothari Mansion, the town’s most famed address.

Indrani Kothari lives with her disloyal husband Kaushal, fidgety daughter Mira and Harvard-educated son Ahaan.

The Kotharis are morally depraved, rich and ruthless. They hobnob only with the wealthy conspirators. However, all is not well in the household. Karma finds out an opportunity through the deepening crevice in the relationship and looks for an opening from where she can launch her attack to bring down Kothair’s business empire and eliminate her enemies.

Private jets, pompous lifestyle, polo matches, lavish dinners, flashy dandiya dance give a cosmetic touch to the strife in the Kotharis’, at least superficially where the rot deepens and goes untreated.  They embrace artificiality, facades, pretensions as the realities of their lives, while unknowingly leaving themselves to vulnerabilities.

Karma Talwar’s mysterious appearance comes as the bolt from the blue and puts Indrani on her guard.  From that, what rolls out next drives the nail home that even the richest person in the world should not put his/her guard down at any point of life.