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Looking To Level Up Your Business: How Managed WordPress Hosting Can Help


Looking To Level Up Your Business: How Managed WordPress Hosting Can Help

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The digital landscape is growing in an exponential space. Digital marketing agencies no longer need to make business owners get convinced about the benefits of having a brand website. 

With increasing awareness of the benefits of digital presence on the search and social, brands are looking to capitalize on the same. The COVID-19 Pandemic has also played a major role in accelerating the shift to digital performance. 

In 2021, if you are looking to establish a successful business, you need your brand website. A solid business website can help you reach out to customers, generate solid leads for your business and improve sales and revenues. 

However, creating a business website is not as easy as it looks. For starters, you need to get the domain, design the website, and most importantly, choose a hosting server. 

In this resource article, we are going to examine how businesses can level up their performance by taking help from Managed WordPress Hosting. If you are someone that is deciding to start a new business website, stick around till the end of the article. 

The Importance of Hosting for a Business Website

Every website that you see out there needs to be hosted on a Web Server. You can think of it as a massive data bank that runs all the core operations of your website. Every data is sent to it and it retrieves it back to show to the audiences. 

A good hosting solution can play a critical role in optimizing the functions, processes, and performances of the website. It plays a key role in the following areas- 

  • Hosting solutions determine how fast your business website will be. Slow websites result in increased bounce rates and create a poor user experience. 
  • The safety and security of the business website are also important. A hosting solution needs to run according to the latest and most sophisticated security infrastructure. 
  • Small businesses might need customer support to troubleshoot problems that take place. A good hosting solution offers tech support 24×7 to help businesses address problems. 
  • If you are looking to pursue digital marketing strategies like SEO to improve performance, your hosting solution will be an important factor to assess the same. 

As you can see from the list above, for any business website, picking the right hosting solution can be the difference between digital success and failure. 

Managed WordPress Hosting: Meaning and Definition

Managed WordPress Hosting is ideally suited for small businesses and start-ups. It is custom-made to suit the needs of WordPress sites for businesses. As you can imagine from the name itself, the team at WordPress is responsible for hosting and maintaining your website. 

In a Managed Hosting, there are multiple websites that call one server their home. In other words, you do not have dedicated servers for every website. As WordPress websites have a different set of requirements, Managed WordPress Hosting is the best solution for them. 

One of the major benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting is cost affordability. Hosting is not an inexpensive proposition and can add a burden to small businesses’ limited resources. In other words, small businesses do not have to shell out a lot of money to afford a Managed WordPress Hosting. 

Managed WordPress Hosting can cost small and medium businesses plans as low as $25 per month! Given the kind of benefits on offer, this is one of the best VFM offerings in the market. 

Major Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting for Small Businesses

  • Highest Up-Time for Business Websites- 

You must have routinely heard a term- Server is down! This is a nightmare for business owners that costs them money, credibility, and customers. Managed WordPress Hosting has one of the highest uptimes ever. By putting your business website under WordPress, you are guaranteeing literally zero downtime in a year. This alone should be reason enough. 

  • High-End Technical and Customer Support- 

If a hosting solutions provider does not understand the nitty-gritty of WordPress sites, they are likely to do something that might hinder performance. If you are using a WordPress site, why not leave the servicing and maintenance to the guys that created it in the first place. They know how best to optimize for speed, security, and performance. 

  • Cybersecurity and Infrastructure- 

With hacking and malware planting become such routine affairs that target businesses, websites need to ensure that they have the best security infrastructure in place. Managed WordPress Hosting offers the leading and most advanced security suites that address a specific nature of threats that WordPress websites face. 

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to improve business performance in a simple, affordable, and efficient manner, Managed WordPress Hosting is the best solution. If you have any other questions on hosting solutions or seek clarifications on any of the points mentioned in the article, please write to us in the comments section below. 

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