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Reachable the way you want with a fixed number on mobile


Reachable the way you want with a fixed number on mobile

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As an entrepreneur, you naturally want to be optimally reachable for your customers, even when you are on the road or working from home. You can choose to use a mobile number for your business, but this does not look very professional. A fixed company number gives you a professional look, but you miss the flexibility of a mobile phone. 

Fortunately, thanks to VoIP, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds by combining the flexibility of a mobile phone and the professionalism of a fixed number. From now on, you can be reached whenever and wherever you want, via fixed to mobile calling. 

Business number on mobile

With the fixed number on mobile option, it is now possible to link a business number to your mobile phone. The principle is very simple, when the fixed number is dialled, your mobile phone rings. So you are no longer dependent on a landline and that opens up a lot of new possibilities! 

A major plus point is that you can be reached anywhere, anytime, on the same landline number. If you are away from the office, for example, you will receive calls on the landline on your mobile phone. You can also choose when you can be reached or not, for example outside office hours or when you are on holiday. You can then forward the VoIP number to, for example, a virtual assistant or voicemail. Via a VoIP app, you can easily set up where incoming calls should go. It could hardly be simpler!

Choose your fixed number

You can choose what fixed number you use for your business. If you would like to provide a free number for your customers, choose a toll-free number. 

But you also have the choice of a local landline number. For example London 204 or New York 212 phone numbers. Or you can even choose an international number and just have it forwarded to your mobile. Think e.g. of a German or virtual phone number USA.

Thanks to fixed to mobile, you actually have two numbers on your mobile: one for work and one for private. You can choose a different ring tone for each virtual phone number, making it easy to distinguish when an incoming call is from a customer who would like to discuss a product, or your partner who would like to know what you are having for dinner tonight. This still keeps work and private life nicely separated.


Fixed-to-mobile calling has a whole host of benefits! 

– A professional, businesslike appearance

– You can be reached anywhere on your fixed number

– Mobile and fixed telephone number on your mobile

– Choose when you can or cannot be reached

– Forward calls to colleagues

– Work and private life remain separate

– Extra features such as call recording

– Easy to manage via an app

So why wait with business calling in the cloud? Because easy professional accessibility, isn’t that what everyone wants? 

Transfer your calls

You can forward calls to wherever you want. You set this up once and then you reap the benefits. Moreover, the person calling you does not notice that the call will be forwarded. You can even set up menus that make it easier for your customer to get to the right person. As this allows you to help the customer better, customer satisfaction also grows. Contemporary business telephony is extremely flexible. 

You have a professional number

A mobile number on your website or business card does not look professional. With a business number that you can forward, you enjoy the best of both worlds. You receive your number tailored to your needs. Prefer international? That is also possible. Prefer a local number? No problem. 

Wherever you are

Whether you’re on the road or on a business trip, there’s never a business call to be missed with cloud telephony. Back in your ‘home office’? Then simply switch back again. Because when you go to work in the office, you can use an app to change the number’s destination back to the office in real time.

Separate ringtone

Answering with “hey, what’s up?” when it is a business call obviously doesn’t come across as very professional. You can avoid this by simply setting a different ringtone. This allows you to distinguish whether your incoming call is business or not. Sounds simple but by making this simple adjustment, you can avoid a lot of misunderstandings. 

No new phone(s)

Perhaps best of all. You don’t need any new phones! Everything can be managed from a hosted VoIP environment where you easily have an overview of your services and settings.

What you want

If you are just starting out, you probably don’t need an extensive package of services yet. This is not a problem at all. Start simply by requesting only a business number. Is your business growing? Then the VoIP telephone exchange grows with you. As time goes by, you will then expand a menu of services, you may need multiple numbers and perhaps an automatic message will be added. Anything is possible.