Reasons Why a Personal Injury Attorney Might Refuse to Take Your Case


Reasons Why a Personal Injury Attorney Might Refuse to Take Your Case

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Working with a personal injury attorney might not be as easy as a lot of people would assume. Just because you slipped and injured yourself at the place of work doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re entitled to a claim. There are circumstances that might be obvious that you need a personal injury attorney but you still end up not having someone to represent you. Most such attorneys will offer a free consultation and you can decide whether or not to pursue the case after getting legal counsel. Here are some of the reasons why a personal injury attorney might refuse to take your case.

You’ve Waited For Too Long to File the Claim

The majority of the states will require that you’re filing for the claim as soon as possible after the accident has happened. Waiting for too long could make the case null and void. The amount of time that you have to sue for damages is called “statute of limitations” and will vary from state to state. Reputable law firms like Bengal Law: Florida Accident Lawyers and Personal Injury Attorneys PLLC will refuse to work on your case when the statute of limitations has elapsed.

Conflict of Interest

It will be impossible for the attorney to work on your case if there is a conflict of interest. This could come about when the lawyer is representing another client whose interest could be conflicting to yours. In such circumstances, you’ll have no other option but to look for a new attorney.

When You’re Talking to Several Lawyers About the Case

When you reach out to the attorney, they’d want to trust that you’ll be confident in their experience in order to get the justice that you’re looking for. When you talk to several attorneys about the case, your lawyer might feel like you’re not confident in their ability to deliver the compensation that you truly deserve. It is not uncommon for people to shop around when searching for an attorney. When you get the right attorney, it will only be fair that you’re trusting their judgment. You don’t want to lose the attorney when the case is halfway. This could seriously injure the chances of getting justice.

Your Damage Is Insignificant

The majority of personal injury attorneys will work on a contingency fee basis. That means that they’ll only get paid when you receive the compensation. In other words, they’ll be using their own resources to fight for your case. An attorney could refuse to take up the case if he or she feels that it is not worth their time and resources. If you’ve only got minor bruises, the lawyer could refuse to take up the case because the compensation might not be that substantial. It is still important that you’re reaching out to the attorney even if you feel like the case could be lacking merit. There will be nothing to lose as personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation for the most part.

The Degree of Fault

Not all personal injury cases are black and white. There are occasions where you might be partly to be blamed for the accident. When you’re also at fault for the injuries, it will definitely have an impact on the compensation that you receive. A good example is when you’re involved in an accident with a driver that was texting while and you were not wearing a seatbelt. The jury could decide to reduce the compensation since you were partly at fault for the accident.

Pressuring the Lawyer

Lawyers don’t like working under pressure, especially from the client. Pressuring the attorney to tell you the value of the claim will be a bad idea. An experienced attorney will be aware of the process and will take all the factors into consideration when coming up with the final figure for compensation. During the initial consultation, it is crucial that you’re listening to the attorney. You should not insist on a figure when it is a complex case. There are also clients that would like to know the exact outcome of a case. An honest attorney will give you possible outcomes but will not provide definite guarantees.


When you’ve sustained serious injuries because of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, it is important that you’re reaching out to an attorney after seeking medical attention. Any reputable attorney will be honest with you about the merits of the case. You should never pay for legal fees before the case is finalized when working with a personal injury lawyer.

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