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Small Businesses will grow with the cloud


Small Businesses will grow with the cloud

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The recent years have witnessed the onset of numerous start-up companies in the country that have been set up by strong-willed and hard working individuals who wish to make a place for themselves in the already volatile and competitive market. Easier said than done, every start up owner knows and has to face the obstacles in order to sustain in the rat race of commercial success. But with young minds ready to take up challenges and overcome hurdles, the market today is flocked with innovative ideas and new firms that cater to the various demands of the population at large. From IT companies, to e-solution providers, grocery delivery companies to healthcare, the start-up wave has gripped almost every sector in India.

Start ups have long been looking for innovative ideas and techniques that can help them move an edge ahead others in the market and prove themselves to be distinguished and worthy of being among the leading names. Perhaps, this is the reason why many companies are making use of the Cloud today in order to attain commercial growth and success.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the most recent and advanced innovation in the field of computing. The internet has made the spread of cloud computing in a large scale basis. This feature allows computer resources to be available when required by companies. Charges are based on the usage rate of the companies. However, companies may also wish to make use of intranet or private clouds, though the latter is far more expensive.

The benefits of cloud computing has compelled customers from all sectors to opt for it. In fact cloud services are noticeably used in almost every sector, be in corporate houses, insurance companies, grocery brands or individual start ups. Organizations depend upon the cloud to,

  1. Market themselves & their products
  2. Develop new products
  3. Sell their products
  4. Supply chain management

Success aided by cloud

cloud computing sucess

The main aim of being ahead in the market is what is pushing more and more start-ups to opt for the cloud. The earlier reluctance is fast being replaced by a welcome approach towards cloud computing in the Indian markets. One may wonder the reason behind the sudden boom in cloud computing among start-ups. The reason is simple. Cloud computing is cost-effective for start-ups who anyway face a fund crunch in their initial days. By using the cloud, start-ups can,

  • Store data
  • Manage data
  • Process data
  • Use programs through web based interface
  • Manage operations & applications via cloud
  • Access data anywhere, anytime through any device

The smart start-up owner today thinks in a more conducive manner so as to save on the expenditure. Shifting to cloud computing allows the fresher in the market to save on up-front costs like computer equipments, software tools, data base license and other IT costs. This allows him or her utilize the cash for other business requirements and plans. The cloud allows,

  1. Flexibility
  2. Agility
  3. Security

Along with such, one gets professional aid and advice and quick services. All such at the most nominal price, thus making it convenient, affordable and thereby the best option for start ups.

Companies that benefitted from cloud

The Indian market being flocked with start-ups today has also opened up to the cloud. With funds being short for start-ups almost every company looks for advantages in applications that can help them save expenses. Cloud computing works exactly in such areas, thereby allowing start-ups to slow and steady grow in their respective areas. Indian start-ups in almost every sector are today making use of the cloud. In fact with time, some Indian start-ups have tasted tremendous success and made a mark from themselves among global players.

  1. Flipkart, a leading e-commerce website has reportedly demonstrated their ability to level up n the existing competing market and seized every opportunity like cloud computing and others in order to succeed. In fact the company has been given a prestigious position among the Top 100 Forbes list, a history in the Indian start-up industry.
  2. A popular entrant in the list of companies that have shifted to cloud computing is Pinterest. This social media site is basically an online pin board that obviously has a lot of data and images. The company makes abundant use of the cloud for storing and analyzing data. It also used cloud computing to manage and adjust to its varying traffic. This allows the company to maintain a smart and small team, thus cutting down of costs on a large scale basis.
  3. A similar case can be witnessed in the case of another social media site, Instagram. The start-up shifted to the cloud within a short span of operation in order to handle the activities of over thousands of its users.
  4. Some seasonal companies that have been in the market since years have also adopted the latest technology of cloud computing in order to sustain their position in the market. Notable names here are Xerox and Netflix.

Cloud computing is perhaps the big thing at the moment and perhaps is here to stay for the moment. Experts believe that cloud computing is still in a state of evolution and that with time, the paradigm is expected to undergo changes and offer more varied options to customers.