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The Ultimate Guide to The Best Jewelry for Men


The Ultimate Guide to The Best Jewelry for Men

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Jewellery plays a critical role in every woman’s life. Among men, however, the importance of jewels has been overlooked due to stereotypes. Despite this, many men don elegant jewellery pieces boldly. This goes to show that jewellery can also be an essential part of a man’s style. If you are looking to look your best in jewellery, consider following some guidelines including those outlined below.

Necklace Chains

If you are looking to add to your everyday t-shirt and jeans, shop for a simple minimalist chain. A Miansai 2mm gold chain is a perfect minimalist chain to match with any t-shirt colour. However, if you are seeking a more sophisticated piece, go for more massive, flat chains, or rope chains. It all depends on your taste. The most common and recommended men’s chains are pendants. Have a pendant around to match any occasion. Also, remember to consider your body type. If you are bulky, the best chain is one that hangs freely. For those with tall and slender frames go for 18-inch pendants. Recommended brands for men’s chains are Miansai, Alex Orso, Thomas Sabo, and Le Gramme.

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A ring is also a significant fashion piece for men. It is advisable to spice up your fingers with rings that are statement-worthy. When it comes to rings, it is all a matter of choosing the best. The David Yurman Armory Band is one of the best rings you can find. It has a gothic look to it. Its silver colour makes it even more appealing. It is a medieval-inspired ring that has a bold look. The Fossil Signet Gold-Tone ring is another recommended option. This is a ring with an antique look. The antique look is inspired by the view that men’s accessories have significance. Aside from adding character, it is affordable.

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Bracelets might be the most straightforward jewellery item for men to wear. You can put on a bracelet when going to work or when you are out with friends. The choice here, still, matters. In the office, you want to select the woven and beaded types. Outside the office environment, you can pick from a range of different bracelets. If you are wearing a watch, remember to put on jewellery that compliments it perfectly. For the best in men’s bracelets, go with Miansai or APC. Miansai and APC produce some of the most magnificent bracelet pieces. For instance, the Miansai ID tag has become familiar with jewellery lovers. If you want something more aggressive, select the APC Nolan bracelet. It has reliable interlinking chains and a thick blank ID tag. If you are looking for something more straightforward and stylish at the same time, choose the Le Gramme 1,7 Cord Bracelet. It features a red leather strap that is rounded in a rectangular ID tag. Bohemian style lovers can go for the Heron Preston Cubic bracelet or the A-COLD-WALL Logo Smoke Wrist bracelet. These two are individual statement pieces.

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If you are bold enough to put on earrings, be trendy. Combine hoops and studs evenly. For the best in men’s earrings go for the sterling silver feather hoop and stud by Asos. This combination showcases the modern man. The contrast colours of the silver hoop and stud and the black of the feather provide for an eye-catching piece. If you are looking to make a real fashion statement, go for the skull medallion dangle earrings by Emanuele Bicocchi. This jewel is made in Italy. It is worth the investment given the amount of detail put into it. Do not forget it is gold-toned.

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