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Time Management 101: How to Be Productive When WFH


Time Management 101: How to Be Productive When WFH

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Working from home has its advantages. However, with more freedom comes more distractions. Productivity slumps are common, particularly if working remotely is new to you. 

Fortunately, freelancers have many great tools to help them manage time better and be as productive as possible. Signing up to a productivity aid like Indy helps make tedious tasks much easier. You can create forms and contracts, track project time, generate invoices, and complete various tasks through easy-to-use software.

If you’re looking for some useful productivity-boosting tips, here are some great ideas to help you when working from home. 

Become More Task-Focused

Many people who work from home regularly experience ups and downs with their productivity. Some days you can get through a day’s work by noon, while other times, it’s hard to get a 10-minute stint under your belt without distraction. This inconsistency is often due to a lack of focus on your tasks. 

Create a comprehensive task list each day, outlining what needs to be done. A to-do list might work for basic responsibilities, but it’s often beneficial to use technology to help with organization. Task management apps help break down and keep track of all your projects. 

Becoming task-focused also involves taking on one project at a time. Instead of being overwhelmed by all the work you have to do, prioritize your responsibilities and approach them with a singular focus. 

Avoid mixing personal and professional tasks throughout your workday. Instead, note the things you have to do and tackle them in the same way you would in an office environment. 

Create a Dedicated Workspace at Home

One of the most effective aspects of working from an actual office is that it is designed for workers to be productive. A bad habit that many remote workers develop is blurring the lines between work life and home life. Although you don’t need a fancy office with expensive equipment, it’s important to have a dedicated space to work away from where you sleep or relax. 

Make sure your space is conducive to productivity. Depending on your type of business, you need certain equipment. However, an ergonomic chair and a stable internet connection are essential. 

Invest in management and communication software and video conferencing technology in case you need to contact people or attend meetings virtually. Cybersecurity should also be a consideration, with cybercrime damages expected to reach over $6 trillion by the end of 2021.

Use a Productivity Blocker to Avoid Wasting Time Surfing the Web

Social media trawling and YouTube rabbit holes are some of the most common ways to waste hours of productivity. With many jobs requiring you to use the internet, the occasional distraction is hard to avoid. However, by installing a tool like Serene, you can block unwanted distractions from certain websites.

Serene is a productivity blocker that saves you time and increases productivity as you work. Once you start your day, enter a Serene session, and it blocks all distraction websites. It is also compatible with smartphones, allowing you to block applications and put your phone on silent. 

This tool can also save you time on your routine by controlling smart integrated lights in your home and updating statuses on apps like Slack. Once you activate work mode, Serene gives you focus reminders.

Set Aside Reading Time for After Work

Most freelancers read many research articles every day. While much of this is necessary, you may come across an interesting post that has no relevance to your work. It’s important not to get caught up in recreational reading throughout the workday. 

Pocket is an app packed full of useful features that allows you to extract content from articles. You can then view the information in your own time, free of clutter. Viewing formats include dark mode, and you can read in custom fonts and color schemes, making the content easy on the eyes. It also has a text to speech option, enabling you to convert content to an audio format.

Start Co-Working

Co-working is a great way to freshen up your work environment and boost productivity levels. Working alongside others or sharing a productivity space can help you develop a work mode in which you get a lot more done.

Whether you co-work with family or a friend at home or travel to and from a co-working facility, it is an excellent way to collaborate, increase creativity, and ultimately, get more productive while working from home. 

Simplify Project Management

Freelancers often work by the hour or project, which means that tracking your time is vital to ensure you get paid for the work you put in. Between managing different projects and contracts, monitoring your hours can often take a back seat. A time tracking app can also help you accurately monitor how much time you’re dedicating to each project so you can charge your clients fairly. 

If you are juggling multiple projects with more potentially incoming, you need a tool to help you estimate the projected completion time so you don’t overbook yourself. A Work Days calculator allows you to easily determine the number days between two projects, allowing you to give your clients an accurate completion timeline. 

Time to Get to Work

The internet is a fantastic resource that has opened up most of the available opportunities for working from home. However, it is also the leading source of distraction.

Remote workers must find a way to channel their most productive selves and ignore the many interruptions in their environment. Through the organization, establishing a suitable working environment, and a little help from technology, a productivity peak may be just around the corner.