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Why Is Sales Outsourcing the Best Option for Your Business?


Why Is Sales Outsourcing the Best Option for Your Business?

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An in-house sales team can be costly and ineffective, limiting your brand position and growth. The pandemic has made over 80% of the in-house sales team miss their sales quotas. Adding administrative, office rent, and other costs, an in-house sales team can be a financial burden. 

But outsourced sales can cover you wholly or partially to reduce your costs and upsell your products and services locally and in new markets. They have specialists with experience and expertise that can handle multiple product categories. Hence, you can tap on their proven sales process to gain a competitive advantage in your market. 

The best part is you can still keep your in-house team if you need to leverage some of their strengths. But, you can cover their weaknesses through outsourced experts to get more quality conversions. 

Here are other reasons why an outsourced sales team is the best option for your business. 

  1. Reduces Costs of Generating New Business Opportunities

You’ll avoid the actual costs of hiring an in-house sales team that includes:

  • Sales representatives recruitment and training costs. 
  • Capital expenses linked to office rent and hardware, e.g., computer equipment. 
  • Remuneration costs from salaries to benefits. 
  • Administrative costs like payroll processing, benchmarking, etc. 

Some locations like New York may force you to pay premium rates to attract the right candidate and pay office space alongside other costs. An outsourced sales team can cut these costs allowing you to refocus on other vital elements of your business.

Not to forget that sick and maternity leaves within your internal sales teams can affect your sales velocity. But, outsourced sales have several sales representatives that can easily replace one or most of the representatives on leave. Hence, you can sustain your sales momentum without any interruptions and delays.   

  1. Leverage Omnichannel Execution for Better Customer Experience 
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Source: Pixabay 

Outsourced sales can provide a unified communication platform to keep tabs on all your channels. Outsourced sales support omnichannel customer engagement to enhance customer experience and build quality relationships across all communication channels. Your customers will need a seamless and customized experience across all channels, whether traditional or digital. You should leverage web, chat, social, and other emerging communication channels to improve omnichannel results. 

Hence, you’ll have to integrate several technologies and databases to offer customized and exceptional experiences with little frustration. Outsourced sales can solve this through a unified, integrated customer relationship management platform.

You can only drive growth through quality and loyal relationships with your customers. And outsourced sales can deliver exceptional customer experience solutions to drive your growth. 

  1. Allow Internal Sales Team Specialization

Most outsourced sales have operated in multiple industries. Therefore, it can bring forth the best approaches to improve your internal team performance.

For example, if your in-house team is good at traditional marketing and sales, outsourced can leverage digital marketing and virtual sales to complement your internal efforts. Your internal team can concentrate on their core strengths as outsourced sales cover their shortfalls. 

  1. Offers Top Quality Sales Expertise 

Great outsourced sales providers have a couple of years across multiple sectors. They have solid experience across several industries. 

Your business can tap on these top-quality talents and expertise to drive your sales growth. It will be a bonus if the provider has previous experience in your line of business. You’ll get practical suggestions and approaches based on prior experience to improve your sales.  

  1. Enhances Market Positioning in New Territories 

Outsourced sales can also help you expand to new markets that can be impossible due to a limited in-house marketing team. 

Adding outsourced sales in your long-term strategy can help you quickly enter new markets. What’s working now may be irrelevant in the near future, hence the need to seek new markets. Outsource sales can help you test your products and services in new markets. 

Based on what’s working, you can iterate to improve the product or service for further market penetration. Contrary to an in-house sales team, outsourced sales extend to multiple industries and geographies, making your market targeting and positioning expansive. 

  1. Robust Evaluation of New Product or Service Offers

You can use outsourced sales as a sandbox to try new sales techniques like new promotional material or campaigns to monitor their reception. 

The feedback received will help the outsourced sales inform you whether your technique is successful or needs revision. Similarly, you can test new products and services. Additionally, you’ll be able to develop a practical pricing point and sales journey for any new offers. 

  1. Use of Data-Driven Approach to Leverage Your Brand Positioning
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Source: Pixabay 

Some outsourced sales providers also offer customer data insights for marking and identifying the quality prospects and best customers. You can leverage these data insights to create practical and data-informed marketing approaches. 

With the data insights, you can also provide customized marketing content to upsell the best customers and turn quality prospects into repeat customers. 

  1. Drive High-Impact Through Advanced Technology

You can get the best out of the most advanced tools with equally trained talent. Skilled sales talent and advanced technology are complementary. If the sales representatives are pros at these tools, you can get great value from the latest cutting-edge sales technology and techniques. 

You can gauge the best time and channel to communicate to a customer or prospect. Similarly, it can help you segment each customer and prospect based on their customer journey level. From this, you can target each segment with relevant marketing material based on their needs and aspirations to maximize sales. 

  1. Results Monitoring and Accountability 

Some outsourced sales come with a transparent service level agreement (SLA) that binds them to pay only when they sell. As a result, it pushes them to up their sales game. 

Hence, they have tracking systems for closed deals and overall pipeline metrics for accountability, transparency, and measurable results. 

Besides, it puts pressure on the outsource sales providers to develop new practicable ideas and techniques to drive your sales forward. 

Take Away

Despite the economic challenges of the pandemic, your sales pipeline should remain solid and as per your needs. Outsourced sales can drive your business growth at a relatively inexpensive price tag. 

It is agile enough to accommodate your business changes. Don’t let the pandemic stall your sales pipeline; leverage outsourced sales support.