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Millionaire Insults a Poor Family at a Restaurant and Gets Punished in a Unique Way


Millionaire Insults a Poor Family at a Restaurant and Gets Punished in a Unique Way

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Imagine a scenario – a millionaire insults a poor family at a restaurant. How will people react? Honestly speaking, hardly anyone will speak up against the super-rich person. In fact, all will choose to maintain silence and avoid getting involved in the matter.

It’s not uncommon for wealthy people to belittle and bully poor people just because the latter does not belong to the elite class. It is a way of showing their class, attitude, power and wealth to those who live from hand to mouth or on a moderate budget. This act of bullying also reflects their tendency to dominate the have-nots and also flaunt off their success to the world.

And this millionaire ultimately got a hard lesson later in his life.

Why are they here?

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A family was enjoying their time in a restaurant. All the members were simply dressed. However, they looked happy. A millionaire named Tony walked into the same restaurant. The first thing that irritated him was the sight of the poor family.

He started passing off inappropriate comments at the family. And he was saying it loudly so that every word of his was clearly heard.

“What are these beggars doing here? How were they allowed to get into such a luxury restaurant?” His friends also joined him. To his dismay, the family completely ignored the wealthy person and his boot-licking companions and went on enjoying their meal.

“Hey, don’t you feel ashamed?”


The first course of meal was served on the table that the millionaire and his pals were sitting around. Tony was so arrogant that he did not mind tossing small morsels of food in the direction of the family sitting a few feet away.

His friends were constantly encouraging him. They were constantly jeering at the poor family for no apparent fault of theirs. One of the waitresses, named Sarah, watched it and wondered why he was behaving in such a childish way.

She came to Tony and requested him to stop it. The millionaire did not take it with good grace. How could a waitress ask him to stop? He felt embarrassed in front of his friends and also others in the restaurant.

The family left 

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Tony said bluntly that a poor, filthy family must get no attention at all, especially when a person like him was present there. In fact, he was throwing tantrums and even mocked how the family could even afford a single appetizer in the restaurant.

Meanwhile, the family stood up and collected their things. It became impossible for them to finish their meals in such a spiteful ambiance. They cleared their bill and were ready to leave.

Tony noticed the family going out of the entrance. He burst out into laughter. So, his bullying worked.

He looked familiar

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Before leaving the restaurant, the father looked back and locked glances with Tony’s. His face looked familiar to him. The millionaire stared at him with his deadpan eyes. He knew the man.

Tony was sure that he had seen the man before but despite his best effort, failed to remember where.

Sarah heard Tony asking a staff member if she knew anything about the family. The other waitress could not help Tony. However, Sarah knew them.

Sarah jotted down something on a page and ripped it. She decided to hand the note over to Tony after he came back from the washroom.

Tony threw a smile at Sarah, took the note from her and slipped it in his pocket. He looked around to ensure that no one noticed the exchange. He then returned to his table. His friends were already drunk.

It was a big mistake

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Tony was too preoccupied to enjoy his evening. His friends asked him if he was okay. Suddenly, he remembered the note in his pocket. He excused himself and went to the washroom. He wanted to read it privately.

Tony took out the note from his pocket. He was shocked after reading it. “You committed a big mistake by insulting the family. The man will call you next morning and you will realize what mess you are already in”, the note reads.

Tony was their regular customer


It was one of the top restaurants in the city. Tony used to visit it regularly. He loved the ambiance and preferred a particular table. Every staff member knew him. He used to give them big tips and the manager always went the extra mile to please him.

In case, any other party was seated at the table, the staff would request them to move to another table and even offer them free dessert to compensate for the inconvenience caused to them.

Due to the royal treatment meted out to him, Tony always felt like a KING whenever he walked into the restaurant. Wealth made him rude and rough. He was nonchalant towards others’ problems and sentiments.

Some of the visitors even complained to the manager of his rude behavior. However, the manager insisted that Tony was their special client and they could not say anything on his face.

As a result, there was a significant dip in the number of customers visiting the restaurant. Tony was a lavish spender at the restaurant. Hence, the management did not experience any loss and was not concerned about what other customers thought.

Staff were not happy either

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Apart from some customers, some of the staff also had grudges about Tony’s unruly behavior. However, they had no way to voice their concerns as he was the management’s favorite. Furthermore, they could lose their jobs if they ever dared to complain against him.

Tony loved hanging out with his friends and enjoy some good time at the restaurant. His buddies always appreciated the way the manager and the staff would go out to satisfy him.

Arriving at the last moment

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One Monday night, Tony along with a group of friends entered the restaurant. He ordered the most special and expensive dishes to celebrate an occasion. Some expensive drinks were also served on the table.

It was 9 o’ clock in the evening and the kitchen was closed. However, cooks and other staff had no way to refuse him. Hence, they resumed their duties.

Not many customers were in the restaurant at that time. Tony & Co. soon started leading all the staff around their nose with their nasty demands. 

She clocked out

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Tony immediately came out of the bathroom and started looking for Sarah. He was desperate to know more about the man’s family. Why was the man an important figure? But Sarah was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Sarah was keeping a watchful eye on him.  She watched Tony going towards the bathroom. She left the restaurant immediately. She did not like to divulge more details to this rowdy man..

Tony was absent-minded throughout the rest of the evening. For a single moment, he could not stop thinking about the man and his sad eyes. He almost forgot to pay the bill. However, he forgot many things.

That night, he forgot to give tips to the staff.  They were overworking only to serve Tony’s order.

He spent a sleepless night

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That night, Tony could not sleep. He was trying to remember a face who could resemble the father in the restaurant. If he knew the man, he must have been an important person. Did he bully a high official?

The next morning, Tony started checking his phone. If Sarah was right, the man would call him today. The anticipation of the call coming from a person he had bullied the last evening made Tony nervous.

However, the call did not come till late in the afternoon.

The call came

unknown caller spam

Seated on the desk, Tony was reading the latest news. Suddenly, his phone started ringing. The call was from an unknown number.  

Was the call from the man? Tony breathed heavily and received the phone.

A husky male voice was on the other side of the line. A grave tone greeted Tony. Without wasting any time, Tony came to the brass tacks. He asked if he was the man and the husky voice confirmed.

Tony enquired how the man knew him and got his number. The man avoided the question and continued talking about how he and his family were shocked at his rude behavior.

Tony was running out of patience. He was most reluctant to listen to his lecture. He stopped him and asked him a specific question. There was complete silence on the other end. Tony’s instinct warned him that he was talking to the wrong man.


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The man was actually Sarah’s husband pretending to be the father of the family. Sarah knew nothing about the family. They were just random visitors.

Tony did not find it difficult connecting the dots and hung up. However, he had no idea that it was Sarah’s husband on the other end of the line.  

It was a prank call. Tony was happy to have figured it out. Now Tony felt relieved. Everything would be sorted out – or so Tony thought.

Karma bites back

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That night, Tony got back to the restaurant. However, to his surprise, he was not welcomed in. The manager heard what had happened the previous evening and decided to ban the rude, rabble-rouser from entering the restaurant.

News of his ban spread near and far, everywhere. People started visiting the restaurant once again. The family that had received bullies from Tony returned the next week. The manager treated them to a free meal.

Tony had no other way but to find another eatery. We had no way to know if he repented for his shenanigans.

Summary: Tony was a millionaire. He was haughty, rough and rude. He did not mind bullying others who were not rich and elite. One day, he walked into his favorite restaurant along with a group of his friends. A poor family was enjoying their meals at a corner-side table.

For no reason, Tony started bullying the family. Did the manager or any staff protest? What happened next? Read the blog to know the consequence of his rowdy behavior.