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Must Watch Netflix Series in Quarantine


Must Watch Netflix Series in Quarantine

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Has quarantine made you sacrifice your weekend plans?Have you watched everything from your 2020 binge list? Guess what? We have a way out for you to have a cozy and fun weekend at home. Just make sure your ISP is in no mood for an untimely/un-called for service lag. If it is, then take my word, Spectrum internet speeds will have your back, this weekend and for all the weekends to come. So, if it is a comedy, thriller, reality wile or comic that you’re looking for. Then look no more! We have that sorted for you! Go ahead, discover what suits your taste best, and have the time of your lives.

The Bold Type

If you have already been a fan of this super awesome series then we have some good news for you, the showis back again! The sophomore season of this women’s magazine drama premiered on Tuesday, June 12. It is a refreshingly sane and inspirational depiction of women’s love, profession, and personal lives as they go about making their way in New York City, exploring their sexuality, love, and fashion. The series roams around three friends, Jane, Kat and Sutton played by Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, and Meghan Fahy respectively working for a Women’s Magazine – Scarlet


This American women’s wrestling comedy premiered on the 29th of June and is already winning the hearts of the people. Set in the ’80s,Glow is roughly based on the lives of actual, stunning women wrestlers. The season has grown significantly in terms of storyline and characters. It’s like a Marvel or DC sequel that exceeds its predecessor in terms of plot and value. On the other hand, it might lack in having a person or relationship as the seasonanchor but still manages to make you grin wide enough, especially in the season’s last two greatest episodes. So if you think we are suggesting you watch it then you’re (damn) right, we are! Have a free weekend afternoon? Then don’t go wasting it and watch the show! You can thank me later.

Sharp Objects: Miniseries

Sharp Objects is a psychological miniseries with 8 parts screen adaptation of the debut Novel of Gillian Flynn, the famous author of Gone Girl. The series has already premiered on the 8th of July this year. Though a slow-paced progressing story, the plot keeps you gripped with Amy Adams finesse as the lead playing the role of a troubled journalist struggling to uncover the murder of two girls in her hometown, Wind Gap Missouri. The upcoming episode airs this weekend! Amy Adams has historically played darker roles but is known for her comical presence, this time she has gone far from that type towards a rather grim side and sure has done justice to it.

Queer Eye

If you have watched it already then you know, but for those plunging into it the first time; this is an American reality hour-long makeover series. The second series premiered on the 15th of June this year. Catch up on this tear-inducing, more inclusive than ever reality wiles challenging the norms and status quo. Those who loved the cast in the last season must be pumped by the knowledge againthis time, the cast has managed to maintain that charm justifiably.

Cloak and Dagger

Live-action television series based on Marvel’s well-acclaimed fictional superhero comics. The comic book duo Cloak (Tyrone “Ty” Johnson) played by Aubrey Joseph and Dagger (Tandy Bowen) played by Olivia Holt. Bringing superhero magic and drama together, this show can have you glued to it just as the comics did, sufficiently. The second season has already been booked. The show premiered on the 7th of June. So do yourself a favor and grab the first bit of it, ASAP!

Luke Cage

Another marvel of Marvel’s comics. Luke Cage was first brought to life in September 2016. The second season sees the protagonist (Luke Cage; played by Mike Colter) becomes a Hero and Celebrity after managing to clear his name but ends up getting stuck in another threat. The series stars Mike Colter as Luke Cage with the returning of the central cast including Simone Missick, Theo Rossi, andAlfre Woodard, whereas Rosario Dawson also returns in a guest role. The season premiered on June 22nd, 2018. If you loved season 1 then you must not waste a second more and go watch the second season.

Lodge 49

Lodge 49 premiered on 6th of August 2018, set in Long Beach California the series depicts the story of an ex-surfer who ends up joining a fraternal lodge after his father’s demise hoping to reclaim the life he had with his father. Wyatt Russel is playing the lead role of Sean “Dud” Dudley in Lodge 49. The first season consists of 10 episodes that are simple yet emotionally gripping. So if you were looking for something like this, we have sorted that out for you.

So go ahead and start with your Quarantine Binge-Watch session. Take the liberty to choose the one that appeals to you the most.

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